Look Your Best >>
The Secrets to Dressing Room-Confidence (Or, Trying On Clothing Used to Make Me Cry)

It’s amazing what a knockout dress or new top and jewelry can do for our self-confidence. Something as simple as a comfy but cute tee […]

Live Well >>
Spicy Chickpea + Jalepeño Sauté (With Vegan Option!)

This simple sauté owes it’s zing to fresh jalepeño peppers and wings sauce. Jalepeños are my newest food obsession—I went from avoiding them to eating […]

Be Creative >>
Transitioning into Your First Apartment: How to Create a Beautiful Space on a Budget

The road to having your own apartment is a winding one. You grow up with your parents. Then, college gives you a taste of the […]

Your Heart >>
Victoria Laurin: When to Take a Leap of Faith

Making decisions is hard. At least it is for me. I’ve always struggled with knowing where God wants me to be and what He wants […]

Get Resourced >>
Blogging 101: The Best Tools for WordPress

Wordpress is my favorite blogging platform, hands-down. The dashboard is intuitive and easy-to-use, you can purchase or create your theme to fit your exact specifications, […]

Your World >>
Music Minute: 4 Songs That Will Inspire You to Be YOU

Today as I looked through my Victoria’s Secret catalog that came in the mail, I felt a little sad. The models are gorgeous for sure, […]

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