About The You Are Project

Why we exist

The You Are Project aims to inject truth into the lies that women believe about themselves. We want to help women discover their identity in Christ, and to instill confidence in them that isn’t swayed by the ever-changing media or by the opinions of others. We want to restore the relationships between women that have been damaged by jealousy, gossip, and competition.

Women were created by God to be a powerful, beautiful force in the world. When we are set free from everything that holds us back, we will be able to use the abilities and the passion inside of us to change the world.

How we got started

The You Are Project was founded in June 2011 by Lauren D’Alessandro and Catherine Smith, and is currently in the process of incorporating as a non-profit. But the vision began about three years earlier when a friend said to Catherine, “I’m tired of looking in the mirror and seeing all the things that I am not. I am tired of hearing my friends say things like, ‘If only I was more…’ and ‘If was a little less…’ I’m tired of buying into the lies that the world sells women. I want girls to look in the mirror and see the truth, to see the value that those of us who know them see.”

Meanwhile, Lauren found herself disappointed with the current selection of magazines available for women. She decided to create a publication that had fashion, beauty, and interior design, but that also had articles geared toward intelligent women who were interested in more than just their appearance.

Finally, in June 2011, fate or divine intervention (take your pick) brought the two together. As they began to share and discuss their individual passions for women and the world, the need for collaboration was soon recognized.

If you would like to know more about The You Are Project and/or would like more information on how you can support the project, please contact us via email.