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I have a really bad habit of simply dismissing “Awareness” days. To be honest, sometimes it is easier to stay in my own little world. Today, I have decided to challenge myself to start paying a little more attention to these awareness days. Would you join me? We might just be able to learn something.

In my first Around The World article, I focused on an organization in Uganda called Living Hope (You can read this article and the rest of You Are REAL issue one here:

Living Hope is an “initiative under Watoto committed to restoring dignity to vulnerable women, most of whom are HIV+, victims of human trafficking, returnees from abduction into the rebel army and left to bear the brunt of AIDS, war and social injustice”. Living Hope has dramatically changed life for many of these women and also for the many children who would otherwise be growing up as orphans. Living Hope’s support and medical care enables women to look after their own children and alleviates the orphan crisis.

In honor of World AIDS Day, we invite you to partner with us in sponsoring a Watoto/Living Hope mother, child, or baby. By sponsoring lives, we will be partnering with Watoto “to rescue vulnerable children and women from poverty and destitution, restoring them to a life filled with hope and a future”.

I know a lot of you, like me, would love to participate in a sponsorship but are not sure you could afford it month after month. So I have a plan: Let’s use the power of cumulative to make a difference in the lives of Ugandan women and children. If each of us gives just $35 (one month’s support), together we can take on at least one year. Our goal is to have 36 people sign up for one month each. This will allow us to sponsor a mom, a child, and a baby for a whole year.

You can make your donation to Watoto/Living Hope at the following link Be sure to put “The You Are Project” in the “Notes” section. If you would prefer to donate in another way (check, cash, etc) just let me know and we will get the donation to them.

You do not need to let us know that you are making a donation although we would love to know so we can mark you off as one of the 36 supporters.


How much do you really know about HIV transmission? Quiz yourself with’s True/False quiz.

Interested in Watoto sponsorship? Click here to learn more!

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