Dining for Dignity: Inspiring Action Against Human Trafficking

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Kelly attends Strip Church Training 2012 Pasadena, California

Kelly attends Strip Church Training 2012 Pasadena, California

Kelly Master started Dining for Dignity out of a deep passion for seeing women set free from the physical and emotional bondage of human trafficking. Her organization hosts monthly breakfasts where men and women gather for fellowship, discussion, and education about human trafficking and what can be done to put an end to it. But Kelly isn’t all talk; she desires to inspire action in those that hear her speak about her cause. She has shared the love of Christ at porn conferences and in strip clubs. She shares his love not just with the victims of this sexual war, but with the perpetrators.

YOU ARE: When did you first become aware of human trafficking, and what inspired you to take action?

KELLY: I was always aware of sexual exploitation, but I wasn’t familiar with the term “human trafficking”. When the tsunami hit Asia, I began hearing about concerns that all of the misplaced children might end up being trafficked. Soon after, a friend of mine hosted an event to raise funds for human trafficking awareness and prevention. At this event, I began to pick up information and brochures; as I poured over all of the information, this issue became more real to me. Eventually, I became dissatisfied with living my normal life. I spent hours reading articles and books until my heart began to burn for this cause. I didn’t have any choice but to take action. One day as I was doing laundry and feeling my sense of dissatisfaction, God impressed on me that I could start gathering for breakfast and discussion, and that I should call it Dining for Dignity.

Kelly hosts a Dining for Dignity breakfast

Kelly hosts a Dining for Dignity breakfast

YOU ARE: What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in starting this ministry?

KELLY: The biggest challenge is probably me and my thinking. My friends were always supportive, but I often think, “Who am I that I could do something in the face of this giant?” I had to overcome self-doubt at the onset of this ministry. Before every breakfast, I have to make the choice to ignore the thoughts in my head and trust that God is bigger than my small mistakes. God doesn’t need me, but he wants me. He’s just waiting for me to say, “yes”.

YOU ARE: Besides hosting breakfasts, what actions have you taken to help put an end to this terrible form of slavery?

KELLY: We have a Facebook and a website to get the word out. I also joined forces with International Justice Mission and started signing cards and trying to get legislation changed [to prevent trafficking from taking place on sites such as Craigslist.com and Backpage.com]. I’ve been contacting the editors of newspapers. I go to porn conventions and strip clubs to hand out Bibles and explain the love of Christ. 70% of human trafficking victims end up in the porn industry or at strip clubs.

Kelly attends Strip Church Training with Catherine Smith and a friend

Kelly attends Strip Church Training with Catherine Smith and a friend

YOU ARE: Do you ever feel discouraged by this task? If so, what keeps you motivated to keep moving forward?

KELLY: The task itself doesn’t discourage me, but I can discouraged by the magnitude of the issue. I can also get discouraged by my lack of resources. What keeps me going is that one girl, because making a difference in one life is worth it.

YOU ARE: We know that your breakfasts are open to those of all religions, but Christianity is a big part of what your organization stands for. What part does God play in putting an end to trafficking, and how has he worked in your heart throughout this journey?

KELLY: He is the only one who can change the heart of man. But often, Christians think that a cause is too big, so they sit back and “let God do it”, and don’t take action. We need to make a decision to give everything we have. Our words only go so far, but God can change the hearts of the perpetrators and heal the hearts of victims. He has ripped my heart wide open, and he hasn’t allowed me to become numb to this cause. That’s what keeps me going everyday.

YOU ARE: The average person doesn’t really understand the impact that human trafficking has on the world and even on the United States. Could you share a few important statistics with us?

KELLY: First, I’d like to note that in the United States, everything is done secretly. I have statistics, but these numbers are probably too small because we really don’t know the extent of this issue.

Human trafficking facts

YOU ARE: Finally, if you could share one thought with our readers, what would you like them to know?

KELLY: One person can make a difference. We can look at this beast and think, “I can’t possibly do anything,” but each one of us has the ability to change a destiny. I’ve lost my right to sit back and do nothing. This is about doing the ordinary and letting God do the extraordinary.

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For more information on Dining for Dignity’s breakfasts, you can email Kelly at diningfordignity@gmail.com or visit diningfordignity.org.

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  • Natalie

    Kelly it’s so AWESOME to see and hear all you are doing for the kingdom of heaven and to help put a stop to human trafficing one woman or child at a time! Keep your head up and know that we serve a mighty God that is able and willing to do what seems to man impossible. God Bless.

  • Nancy Carvette

    Kelly – you have come a long way. I am blessed to reconnect with you since Catherine has been here. I pray you will be all God has called you to be.
    Much love,

  • http://www.diningfordignity.org kelly Master

    Thank you lovely ladies for taking a stand and highlighting the issue of human trafficking.

  • Rob Gardner

    I am a big Kelly fan and I would like to nominate her as the next Oprah

    • http://www.diningfordignity.org kelly Master

      I love Rob Gardner :)