E.M. Ricchini on the Orphan Crisis & Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village

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This past January, E.M. Ricchini traveled to China for a second time to spend a month loving on the children living in an American-run foster home for Special Needs orphans. This trip has had a life-changing impact on her perspective, and today E.M. is here to share her thoughts on the orphan crisis.

Tell us about the foster home you worked with. What do they do and how did they get started?
Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village was started by Tim Baker and his wife Pam quite a few years ago. Their hearts were stolen by kids living in a government orphanage. They adopted a little girl and were instantly plagued with the question of, “What about the baby to the left of her, and to the right of her? Who will help them?” It was then that they decided to devote their lives to helping these kids. There are now over 80 children on the campus, and they’re all receiving necessary medical attention, therapy, and even going to school!

How have your two trips to China impacted you personally?
On my first trip, I spent an enormous amount of time getting close to one little boy in particular, Moses. He was the reason I went back, actually. Until my interaction with him, I was always aware of the orphan crisis in the world but never felt particularly compelled to take action about it. Like many other people, I was not affected by it personally. After becoming close to this boy and others, I’ve realized that there is no bigger joy than to be with and advocate for orphans.

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