Interview with Kylie Bisutti: The Former Victoria’s Secret Model Shares Her Story

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Kylie Bisutti

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Kylie Bisutti had it all: a loving family, a supportive husband, and most importantly, a wildly successful career as a model. Her career was so successful that she actually won the “Victoria’s Secret Model Search” just a mere three years ago at age 19. Kylie was the envy of every aspiring model that wanted to be her, and young adolescent girls across America that wanted to look just like her. She was on top of the world and destined for great things as a lingerie model.

And yet Kylie decided to give it all up.

Why would someone give up everything she worked so hard for? Well, Kylie started to realize what was really important in life. Although she loved modeling, Kylie didn’t find herself satisfied with lingerie modeling. She couldn’t continue pursuing a life that she didn’t feel was in line with what she felt—and knew—was right.

Shortly after her big Victoria’s Secret win, Kylie announced how her lingerie modeling conflicted with her Christian values and that she’d only pursue wholesome career paths that honor those beliefs. She no longer wanted to expose that much of herself for something she didn’t feel comfortable with. The newlywed further explained, “My body should only be for my husband, and it’s just a sacred thing.”

Today, Kylie continues to model and take on opportunities within the entertainment industry, but those Victoria’s Secret days that brought with it her superstardom are over.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to interview Kylie about her experience, the strength it took her to make the decisions she’s made, and how her life has changed over the past couple of years.

YOU ARE: What major insights have you gleaned from this whole experience?
Kylie: The things of this world that I once thought would make me happy and fulfilled only made me more desolate and insecure; however, the Lord has given me the ultimate happiness and worth in Him!

YOU ARE: What has been your biggest challenge to date and what steps have you taken to overcome it?
Kylie: I had to overcome the desire I had to attract attention by cutting out the things in my life that were the source of that attention. I did that by sometimes acting in a different way, and even tossing out some of the clothes I used to wear.

YOU ARE: What do you hope is ultimately achieved by your decision?
Kylie: Growth in my relationship with the Lord!

YOU ARE: What has been your motivation and inspiration?
Kylie: The Lord constantly showing me grace and love and forgiveness—even though I am so undeserving of it!

YOU ARE: Your cousin played a major role in your decision to quit. Can you tell me more about this?
Kylie: She helped me realize that I was being a negative influence rather than a positive role model. I didn’t want to be the type of person that made little girls feel they had to starve themselves to be pretty and accepted by society.

YOU ARE: Have you ever regretted your decision? What steps do you have to take to remind yourself that you made the right choice?
Kylie: I haven’t ever regretted this decision. I’ve now experienced an overwhelming peace that always reminds me that I’m on the right path.

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  • Nancy Carvette

    thanks for interviewing Kylie. She is an inspiration for the young people who are so influenced by our culture of sexy clothing and appearances. Whose you are is most importance.