Lauren Scruggs: Survivor, Fighter, Inspiration

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Lauren Scruggs“She will make it through, and she will use it for good.” These are the hopeful words coming from the mother of Lauren Scruggs, the 23-year-old Texas model and fashion blogger that took the world by storm with news of her near-fatal freak accident just prior to the holiday season.

Lauren, more lovingly known by those who know her best as Lo, had the world at her fingertips. This go-getter had a promising career ahead of her, serving as Editor-at-Large of LOLO Magazine and having reported for New York Fashion Week. Needless to say, even bigger things were coming her way.

And just like that, Lo’s life changed in an instant. The evening of Saturday, December 5 dictated that she would never be the same again. After flying roughly 30 miles north of Dallas to see Christmas lights with a friend, Lo was exiting the small engine plane when she inadvertently walked into the still-spinning propeller. This horrific incident maimed the young beauty, resulting in a fractured skull, brain damage, broken left collarbone and loss of both her left eye and hand.

Over the course of the past two months, Lo has been on a slow – yet promising – road to recovery. Photos first released by TMZ show a seemingly strong, healthy and upbeat survivor as she left a Dallas rehabilitation center with her family on January 17. Nonetheless, with Lo donning a Dallas Cowboys hat and workout gear, one still cannot help but notice the patch covering her left eye. Her big smile exemplifies her confidence in the remarkable strides she has made thus far; however, there is an undeniable pain behind that smile as it will be a long road until Lo enjoys a “normal” life again. She has no depth perception so seemingly simple tasks, such as walking up and down the stairs and even entering rooms, have become tremendous obstacles to overcome. And instead of meeting up with friends for lunch, she is at the hospital exploring her options for a prosthetic arm.

Lo’s story has captivated the world with reports flying in from the likes of the Today Show, Good Morning America, FOX News and Huffington Post. Her spirits have been lifted from the outpouring of support across the globe. Additionally, her friends have raised a whopping $10,000 for her medical bills. Her parents set up the Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund on the LOLO site where supporters can effortlessly donate via PayPal or by simply entering their credit/debit card information.

Despite her fighting spirit, Lo and her family are facing the harsh reality of her situation. Life will never be the same. “We trust Jesus but, being human, this is hard… very very hard,” explains her mom. “Life stopped as we knew it and changed overnight.” However, the family’s Christian faith is keeping them strong during such a painful time. And if anything, Lo is working to take this tragedy and think of it as more of a blessing to simply be alive.

Lo’s example of courage, composure and determination is one that we can all learn from. We tend to take for granted the “simple” things in life and never think about how we would feel if we weren’t able to easily zip up our jacket, open a makeup container or drive down the block to the store. It is mind blowing to witness someone who seemingly lost so much yet, at the same time, become a stronger person.

And Lo’s can-do attitude will make her even stronger as the months pass by. Let’s rest assured that this inspiration will find success and happiness – whether it is in the fashion world or whatever it may be – in the years to come.

Please consider donating to the Lauren Scrugg’s Hope Fund, which helps pay for Lauren’s medical bills.

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    Well said! She is truly an inspiration.