Music Minute: 4 Songs That Will Inspire You to Be YOU

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Today as I looked through my Victoria’s Secret catalog that came in the mail, I felt a little sad. The models are gorgeous for sure, but I know that their slim figures, unnatural poses, and airbrushed photos can be such a detriment to our self-esteem. Why is that?

I decided that the models themselves are not to blame for being “unattainable”—it’s the lack of variety, the idea the beauty only comes in a certain shape and sizes, that truly demolishes the self-image of so many women. The answer is not to criticize the women in the catalog, but to remind ourselves that beauty comes in more than one size!

I’ll be sharing more on this topic later, but since the VS clearance catologs are everywhere right now, I wanted to take the time to encourage and remind you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ♥. When I’m starting to view myself through the lens of the world, music can be such a powerful encouragement. Here are four songs that encourage, inspire, and express the beauty that God created in each one of us.

Selena Gomez & The Scene: Who Says

I’ve always loved this song by Selena Gomez, even though I don’t normally listen to her music. It’s a catchy anthem for every girl who has ever been told she’s not beautiful because she doesn’t fit the mold. Blast it in your car as a reminder that nobody can tell you who you are or what to look like. Beauty comes in many forms!


Leeland: Let It Out Now

I was introduced to Leeland a few years ago, and have been listening ever since! Let It Out Now expresses the unique beauty that God bestowed upon each human being and calls us to be one-of-a-kind rather than fit in with the crowd.


Britt Nicole: Gold

Another pop anthem, Gold is upbeat and carries a message of value and worth to both men and women.


Flyleaf: Sorrow

Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf is one of my biggest inspirations when I think about expressing my true self and being unafraid. Her performances are raw, real, and unaffected by what people might expect her to do. Sorrow is definitely a departure from the “feel good” songs I’ve just shared with you, but it’s a beautiful expression of our struggle to get closer to what God created for us and leave the lies of the world behind.

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