Music Minute: Jenny & Tyler, The Last Bison, The City Harmonic, & More

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Today, we’re bringing you five great artists whose unique sound and passionate lyrics will draw you even deeper into worship.

Jenny & Tyler

The young married duo Jenny & Tyler are a breath of sweet fresh air with their folksy and acoustic driven tunes. This is not only because of their combined efforts as talented musicians, but also their talent as ministers of the Word through lyrics echoed out of both their experiences as separate individuals and their experiences shared together. Jenny & Tyler remind us of the beautiful love that is to be had as the beloved bride of Christ.

The Last Bison

Formerly known as Bison, The Last Bison is a family venture comprised of father, sons, and daughters and built on the foundation of their faith in their God. This group is a delightful folk and indie-tinged ensemble of acoustic stringed instruments, heavy strumming, and powerful leading and accompanying vocals driven by the strong conviction of faith and masquerading through a classic timeless appearance that keeps the listeners ears open and eager for their story.

Bethel Church

Based out of Redding, California, Bethel Church (home church to the dynamic Christian band Jesus Culture) exemplifies their deep love and devotion to Jesus through their Holy Spirit inspired worship. Uninhibited, passion-felt, and often spontaneous, this contemporary and lively musicianship and worship leading is sure to bring you into His presence. Bethel’s unabashed worship reminds us that worship to Jesus is an opportunity to not only be excited in His presence, but also to show Him just how excited we really are.

Mars Hill Music: Citizens

Based out of Seattle, WA and rooted out of Seattle’s university district, Citizens grew out of its passion to proclaim the gospel. Marked artistry and a distinctive energetic indie rock feel define this band. Yet more than this stands out their devotion to proclaim the anthem of the saints. The driving beat behind their music allows the listener to experience the sound of a heartbeat after Christ.

The City Harmonic

Nobody resonates the strength that comes when the body of Christ is united together louder than The City Harmonic. Hope-filled lyrics sung out by convictive hearts matched by striking and addictive musicality reminds us that God’s love is meant to be shared loud and proud, and you can absolutely have fun in the process.

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