“Rescuing Hope” Author Susan Norris Shares How YOU Can Fight Human Trafficking

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Rescuing Hope is a fictional story based on interviews with survivors, families of trafficked girls, detectives who rescue them, and a former pimp. It provides insight into the issue of human trafficking and is meant to start a conversation and raise awareness of the issue.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase human sex trafficking? Do you think of Cambodia, Thailand or some other country across the globe from you? Do you know America is one of the top 20 countries in the world where human sex trafficking takes place? Did you know:

  • Human trafficking, or modern day slavery, is the fastest growing criminal activity in the world today. –US Department of Justice
  • The FBI estimates that well over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from 9 to 19, with the average age being 11. -“Teen Girls Stories of Sex Trafficking in the U.S.” ABC News/Primetime. February 9, 2006. Accessed: December 26, 2010
  • A victim’s life expectancy after entering the sex trade is just 7 years. –Shared Hope International, “DEMAND: A Comparative Examination of Sex Tourism and Trafficking in Jamaica, Japan, The Netherlands, and the United States” Sharedhope.org, July 2007
  • 90% of runaways wind up in prostitution. – Hidden in Plain View: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls in Atlanta, 2005.
  • Many girls are lured into the trade from Internet chat room sites and other forms of social media. – Carol Largent, CSEC Detective, Cobb County, Metro Atlanta, 2010.
  • Four-fifths of victims (83%) in confirmed sex trafficking incidents were identified as U.S. citizens. –Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Human Trafficking/Trafficking In Persons”, www.OJP.USDOJ.gov, April 28, 2011.

When you hear such statistics, it’s a bit overwhelming. You can’t help but wonder, “What can one person do?” The more appropriate question is, “What can I do?”

There are things we can all do:

We can all pray. So many people look at prayer as an afterthought instead of a first step. Almost any major move of God ever recorded in history has been preceded with a major move of prayer.

We can all write to our elected officials at the local, state, and national level and demand tougher penalties for pimps and johns as well as more services and resources for survivors. Better yet, go visit them and tell them what you want. Street Grace organizes a Lobby Day for abolitionist in Georgia to gather together and raise their voice for hope as one. This year it is February 7th. If you live in the state of Georgia, consider joining the cry for the children of our state by registering here.

We can all educate ourselves. With the use of the internet, you can learn almost anything you ever wanted to know. Google human sex trafficking in your area and learn specifically about what is being done in your community to fight this issue. Read Rescuing Hope to gain insight into how a typical American teenager can end up being lured into the lifestyle.

We can all educate others. We can take what we’ve learned and share it among our corner of the world. Whether it’s inviting friends over for dessert and coffee to share what you’ve learned or discussing it at the water cooler in the office, we all have a platform somewhere.

We can all write a letter of encouragement to a survivor. Organizations like Wellspring Living have a writing campaign where volunteers can write encouragement notes to survivors.

There are things some of us can do:

Give financially to the cause. While everyone isn’t in a position to give financially, some of us can. Find an organization you have a heart connection with and support them by sending in a onetime gift or give monthly. Every organization in the fight is underfunded and under staffed and can use your help.

Volunteer your time to work with survivors. Many of the treatment facilities use volunteers to help tutor, teach, mentor, or just hang out with the girls who have come off the street, showering them with love into them and speaking life into them.

We all need to remember Matthew 25:40 and do something to join the fight to bring an end to modern day slavery.

“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.’” – Matthew 25:40 NIV

About the Author

A powerful voice for hope, international speaker Susan Norris helps teens and women find freedom from strongholds in the areas of purity and spiritual identity. In her debut novel, Rescuing Hope, she frames the realities of sex trafficking in America. This woman of boldness, known to many as Miss Susan, spent countless hours with survivors, their families, detectives and a former pimp, emerging a voice for victims and a catalyst for action among her peers. She networks on behalf of organizations such as Resolution Hope, Not for Sale, and Out of Darkness, lobbies for stronger laws to protect victims and walks alongside rescued girls as they piece together shattered lives. Having graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Master’s of Education, Susan taught in public and private schools and served as a leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes before being called to full time ministry. She lives with her family in Atlanta, Georgia, and considers them to be her highest calling.

You can learn more about Susan at www.susannorris.org. Follow her on Twitter @SusanCNorris, or on Facebook at Susan Norris Author.

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