She Has A Name: Dinner and Gift Bags

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An assortment of trinkets for our gift bags

This past Thanksgiving, The You Are Project partnered with She Has A Name to show God’s love with women living in Camden, NJ. For those who aren’t familiar with this area, Camden is a city located just east of Philadelphia. It is among the cities with the highest crime rates in the country and has been called the most dangerous city in America. She Has A Name is a ministry that reaches out to women who struggle with drugs and who are at risk for prostitution.

Thanks to generous donations of food and supplies, time, and money, we had the privilege of preparing Thanksgiving dinner for these women. We were also able to put together over 20 gift bags, which were filled with trinkets such as makeup, lotion, gloves, and handmade necklaces. Finally, we wrote a card for each gift bag and prayed that God would give us the right words to encourage the recipients. What we did wasn’t very glamorous. We cooked dinner. We cut out gift tags. We beaded necklaces. These are everyday actions, performed by ordinary women. But when we give God control, He takes the simple things that we do and does something unexplainable. Somehow, the objects that we gave became vehicles of His love and kindness.

In the She Has A Name web update on January 18, 2012, Brenda talked about our small part in this Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving eve dinner on the bus was awesome! Special thanks to our lady friends who provided a feast fit for royalty…..(no kidding). [Thanksgiving dinner] has been a highlight and huge blessing for the past several years. This year saw the addition of gift bags with hand made necklaces, lip gloss…you name it. Most importantly, there were handwritten cards to each woman about how special they are in God’s eyes. Each woman read hers out loud before leaving the bus. I don’t think anyone on the bus had a dry eye…praise you Lord! Thank you young women for responding to what God put on your hearts and taking the time to specifically bless each and every woman on the bus!

If you would like to donate to one of our outreach activities, please contact Catherine at

Check out our Facebook photo album for more pictures from this activity.

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