Debi White: Writer and Inspiration

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Meet Debi White, a former North Carolina elementary school teacher and our Feed Your Strength Columnist. Debi has been an encouragement to both of us, and we know you’ll find her inspiring, too.

Q&A Session

Debi White
The best book I’ve read lately…
is The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. The book (and the movie) inspire me to find the courage that is hidden in truth.

My favorite way to relax…
is to watch a movie, or as crazy as it sounds, plan a weekend event where I get to do the shopping, cooking and entertaining (minus the housecleaning prep!).

I am most passionate about…
(honestly?) learning what might bless God’s heart. I can’t get around believing that He made us, so assuming that is true, I love putting my eggs in that basket. How cool would it be that we could bless His heart?

I feel beautiful when…
I hear what others say instead of what I say to myself.

The gutsiest thing I’ve ever done…
was to walk away from my education career (only halfway to retirement) without a clear picture of the next endeavor.

I’d most like to meet…
George W. Bush, not for political reasons, but because I think he consistently steps into his decision-making with humility and courage. [He is] not seeking gain but rather what is right.

Check out Debi’s blog at for daily inspiration.

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