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Lauren D'Alessandro
As the founder of The You Are Project’s print magazine and blog, Lauren is passionate about developing publications that inspire creativity and action. Lauren is the Editor-in-Chief of You Are REAL and the creator and manager of our website. Her dream is to continue using writing and publications as tools for communicating God’s love to the world. Keep up with her latest endeavors at laurendalessandro.com.

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Articles by Lauren D'Alessandro

Important Update from Our Founders

Dear You Are Readers, Over the last few months, things in my life have felt out of place. As I worked to prepare this last […]


The Secrets to Dressing Room-Confidence (Or, Trying On Clothing Used to Make Me Cry)

It’s amazing what a knockout dress or new top and jewelry can do for our self-confidence. Something as simple as a comfy but cute tee […]


Music Minute: 4 Songs That Will Inspire You to Be YOU

Today as I looked through my Victoria’s Secret catalog that came in the mail, I felt a little sad. The models are gorgeous for sure, […]


Spicy Chickpea + Jalepeño Sauté (With Vegan Option!)

This simple sauté owes it’s zing to fresh jalepeño peppers and wings sauce. Jalepeños are my newest food obsession—I went from avoiding them to eating […]


How to Change the World? Be Yourself!

My Desire: To Be a World-Changer As an entrepreneur, my goal in life is basically to change the world. I’m constantly coming up with new […]


Calling All Marketing Gurus! (Plus, Summer Magazine On the Way)

Hey Ladies, Thanks so much for your support of The You Are Project! I wanted to update everyone that the new issue is being sent […]


Women vs Women: Restoring Friendships is Worth the Price

Can I be honest with you for a moment? I know I talk a lot about restoring friendships that have been damaged by drama, and […]


Don’t Dread Your Passion: How to Fall Back in Love With Your Work

Remember when you were little and you took for granted that you would get your dream job and be perfectly happy doing it? At some […]


Blogging 101: The Best Tools for WordPress

Wordpress is my favorite blogging platform, hands-down. The dashboard is intuitive and easy-to-use, you can purchase or create your theme to fit your exact specifications, […]


E.M. Ricchini on the Orphan Crisis & Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village

This past January, E.M. Ricchini traveled to China for a second time to spend a month loving on the children living in an American-run foster […]


You Are Loved Photoshoot, PLUS A Jewelry Giveaway with Religiouz Fashionz

Hey Ladies, I hope you are all having a fantastic week! We’ve been working hard to put the magazine together, and as of right now […]


Guilt-Free BBQ: Red Hot Black Bean Burger + Baked French Fries

Enjoy a burger and fries at your next summer BBQ—minus the guilt! Black bean burgers are one of my favorite non-meat burgers. They’re so flavorful […]