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The You Are Project
The You Are Project aims to inject truth into the lies that women believe about themselves. We want to help women discover their identity in Christ, and to instill confidence in them that isn’t swayed by the ever-changing media or by the opinions of others. We want to restore the relationships between women that have been damaged by jealousy, gossip, and competition.

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Articles by The You Are Project

Featured Organization: Strip Church

This month, we have been featuring organizations (such as Treasures) that reach out to women working in the sex industry. Today, Strip Church Coordinator Tara […]


Treasures: Outreach and Support for Women in the Sex Industry

Last week, we featured an interview with Harmony Dust, author of Scars and Stilettos and founder of Treasures, a faith-based outreach and support group for […]


“Treasures” Founder, Harmony Dust Shares Her Story of Hope and Healing

Just over a year ago, I read Harmony Dust’s personal memoir, Scars and Stilettos, and learned about her organization called Treasures. Since then, I have […]


GIVEAWAY: “Scars and Stilettos” Book and Jesus Loves Strippers Bible

This month, we are proud to shine a spotlight on one of our favorite organizations, Treasures. Treasures is a “faith-based outreach and support group for […]


Monica Manklang: Connecting People and Serving Her Community

Meet Monica Manklang, a real woman who is passionate about connecting with people and serving the community around her. We had the pleasure of meeting […]


Reach Out! Using “YOU ARE” to Love Others

This past Mother’s Day, a group of women in Anderson, South Carolina decided to step out of their comfort zones and use the “You Are” […]


Watoto: Transforming Lives of Formerly Vulnerable Women

“The key to economic progress and fighting poverty is unleashing women’s potential.” -United Nations Since the beginning of time a battle has been taking place […]