6 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress this Season

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Any woman will tell you that a little black dress is an absolute necessity. I didn’t believe this until I found my first little black dress, and it seemed as if my wardrobe instantly doubled in size! We all know that it’s a perfect option for a night out, but why stop there? Here are six ways to style your little black dress for the late summer and through the fall.

Look #1

This look is perfect for an Indian Summer. Add some pops of color, a sun hat, and maybe even a vintage belt like I’ve done here, and you don’t have to say goodbye to summer just yet.

Little Black Dress

Look #2

Ever thought about layering one of your favorite skirts over a dress? Bet you didn’t! I went with white here (which you can totally wear after Labor day, by the way) and added some simple brown accessories.

Little Black Dress

Look #3

Transform your classy black dress into the base for a bohemian outfit that’s city-ready. A floppy hat, slouchy sweater, and antique necklace will help you do this. You’ll fit right in SoHo!

Little Black Dress

Look #4

This is one of my favorites. Layer a cute and playful sweater and a Peter Pan collar shirt with your dress. Add a hat and you’re ready for a day of work or classes.

Little Black Dress

Look #5

You can look professional in your little black dress while still being super girly. Pink Hello Kitty tights, floral platforms and a hair bow make this outfit fun but a blazer and white button-up keep it looking grown-up.

Little Black Dress

Look #6

Your black dress can take you all the way through to late autumn, when it can be the base for the perfect bonfire outfit. Add your favorite tights, chunky socks, boots, flannel, and anything else that’ll keep you warm. You’ll be the best-dressed lady in the woods!

Little Black Dress

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