Bang Control: How to Keep Your Bangs Looking Fabulous

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How to style your bangsBangs can be a girl’s best friend, but they can quickly become an enemy when they don’t behave! Many girls have had a traumatic bang experience once or twice in their lives. A lot of the time, the problem is not the way bangs are cut, but the way they are being styled! If your hairstylist didn’t tell you how to get your bangs to lie flat, stay put, and not split, then you may be one of the many women who have a love/hate relationship with their bangs. I’m here to give you a few tips on how to get your bangs under control and looking fabulous! Bangs shouldn’t require a ton of styling on a daily basis, but here are a few important tips that will quickly get them looking great:

1. The Blow Dryer Is Your Friend
The first thing I tell my clients who are rocking a new bang is to blow dry, blow dry, blow dry. Before you even blow dry the rest of your hair, you want to get those bangs dry and in the direction that you want them. If you allow your bangs to start to dry on their own, there’s a good chance they won’t sit the way you want them to. I suggest using any type of flat brush, and to use the brush to direct the way you want them to sit as you are blow drying. For side bangs, try blow drying them in the opposite direction for a second or two. This will add some volume, and keep them from looking stuck to your forehead.

2. Bobby Pins to the Rescue
One of the biggest issues with a new style of bang is that hair go through a bit of a “freak out”—the bangs seems to go every direction except the one that you want. One of the easiest solutions is to bobby pin them! Before you go to bed, simply bobby pin your bangs off to the side, or in whatever direction they are supposed to go. Think of it as “training” your bangs to do what you want them to! After a few days of using bobby pins, they should start being a bit more cooperative.

3. The Bang Split
So many women have cowlicks along their hairline. This can be troublesome, as they can potentially cause your bangs to separate or split apart. If your cowlick is strong, this can happen even if you blow dry them down or bobby pin them for a week! The best way to solve a bang split is to tease them! Using a comb or teasing brush, tease the area where the bangs are splitting. Gently brush out the top of your bangs to hide any of the teasing, give them a quick spray of hairspray, and you’re done! This will help keep that pesky split from showing up for the day.

And that’s all there is to it! I hope these tips save you from a few bad hair days. Just remember, whether you rock a full Zooey Deschael bang or a soft-swept Reese Witherspoon bang, if you have a bit of patience and use these tips, you can get them to look absolutely fabulous!

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    Hi Kelsey! I’ve just cut a fringe in and I love it but I do have a problem with them splitting. They don’t split in one particular place but rather even if I blow dry them and and hair spray them onto place, after a while they will tend to fall into clumps rather than being fanned out. They don’t look greasy but they don’t create a nice spread out fringe anymore. I have fine hair but quite a decent amount if it, do you have any tips?