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Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore. Photo credit: Public Domain Images

Our fashion inspiration initially made her way into the spotlight for playing Laura Petrie, Dick Van Dyke’s sweet, often flighty, stay at home wife and mother on the Dick Van Dyke Show. But she soon shed the pearls and the June Cleaver housewife look and made her true mark on pop culture by playing the single, 30-something working girl Mary Richards in the famous 70’s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

If you have never seen an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, go onto right now and take a look at the pilot episode. Not only will you fall in love with her smile and her “spunk,” but you will also see that she has a killer wardrobe. The first time I saw the show, I fell in love with Mary’s clothes. The great thing about the MTM look is that her style was affordable and accessible. Her wardrobe was made of various ready-to-wear separates that could be mixed and matched to create different outfits. This was a show where you actually did see repeated outfits. Mary was a working woman; her clothes were practical and comfortable as well as stylish, which makes it an ideal wardrobe to emulate for a student or young career woman.

Channel Mary Tyler Moore

1. Belts

Belts are a simple way to add some interest to your outfit while defining your waist and making you appear thinner. Mary used belts often in her wardrobe. For inexpensive options, check out thrift stores or stores like Ross or Marshalls.

2. Scarves

Scarves are another super-easy and affordable way to brighten up an outfit. If you want to wear something more unique, try a handkerchief scarf. They were very popular in the 70’s. If you want to be really creative you can tie a silky scarf on your ponytail or wear a headscarf, a favorite look of Mary and Rhoda (Mary’s best friend).

3. Long Necklaces

MTM added flair to her outfits with long necklaces. Whether it is a simple pendant or funky beads, these are guaranteed to add personality to your look.

4. Comfortable Heels

Mary Tyler Moore almost always wore heels, but never the skinny, super-high stilettos we see on red carpets. She wore sensible heels that were comfortable for a busy working woman, but they still had the effect of making her legs look longer. Another favorite fashion trick of Mary’s: nude shoes. They make your feet look smaller!

5. Dresses

Mary Tyler Moore wore simple, classic, and flattering dresses in a variety of colors. Shirt dresses are a favorite of MTM, and adding a belt gives it just the right touch for a casual and effortless look.

6. Skirts and Tops

Look for pleated skirts to add to your wardrobe. These can be great for a professional look, or you can incorporate them into a more girly or edgy look depending on accessories. Mary often paired hers with a button-down top and a belt around her waist. Another 70’s fashion that is making a comeback: the maxi skirt. Find a unique one that you love and watch the compliments come rolling in.

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