Effortless Outfits When You Have “Nothing to Wear”

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It seems like at some point or another, we’ve all faced a closet full of clothes, and still have “nothing to wear”. As a style blogger, I’ve found it really helpful to put together and follow a few basic guidelines to keep me from falling into a fashion rut, and to help me create fun and effortless outfits.

1. Play with Colorful Accessories

The first thing I think about after putting together an outfit is to add accessories. Many people are either afraid to or don’t know how to layer on fun pieces to make the look pop. Look at the color story in your top and bottom, add a contrasting piece, or try something that is in the same shade family to work a monochromatic look. Scarves, jewelry, bags, belts, and sunglasses can really add a lot to your outfit!

Purple skinnies, floral scarf, and patterned dress with red pumps

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2. Wear Gold or Nude Heels

If there was only one tip I could give you, it would be this one. Nude heels and wedges add height and visually slim your body. I’ve competed in a few beauty pageants, and this is one of the tricks that is used to achieve that leggy, model-like look. Try to find shoes that are similar to your skin tone, whether that is an ivory or deep shade; it’s always best to find a close match.

Coral high-low skirt, teal skinnies and teal statement necklace, and yellow sundress

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3. Remix Pieces in Your Closet

For awhile I found myself buying items of clothing and only wearing them a handful of times before wanting to get something new. Try re-inventing things you already own to create different outfits. Maybe that dress with the interesting neckline can get tucked into a skirt to serve as a top, or try a cardigan belted over your maxi to totally transform a classic look into something fresh!

Blue dress with belted cardigan, brown belt and shoes, and blazer

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Style is all about experimenting and creating something that is a little piece of you to share with the world. Fashion isn’t all about labels, it’s about confidence. Even a girl in the most beautiful couture gown will look ridiculous unless she walks out the door with confidence, knowing that she is beautiful. Our confidence can be found in Christ and will benefit us in more ways than one.

Hebrews 10:35 says, “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.” (NSV) God has gifted you with so much talent, ability, and beauty; when you know and love who you are, it shows and makes any outfit look amazing.

Remember, you’ve got what it takes to look fabulous, so stand up straight, put on a smile and rock that outfit, girl!

Candice HenryMy name is Candice.
My career (or career goal) I currently work in the fashion industry, but my goal is to be a published author and speaker. I’m writing a book for teen girls at the moment!
This fall/winter, my must-have fashion item is Jewel tones are everywhere for fall, so I’m on the hunt for a gorgeous slim-cut dress in a deep cobalt, plum or even red! It could be styled with heels or tights and boots.
The best book I’ve read lately I just finished Mark Batterson’s book, In A Pit With A Lion on A Snowy Day. It’s all about the importance of seeing problems as moments of opportunity, which is exactly what I’ve been learning as of late.
The gutsiest thing I’ve ever done is I went ziplining about 235 feet in the air over a rainforest in Hawaii. It was absolutely exhilarating, and I can’t wait to go again sometime soon.
I feel most in love with God when I’m aligned with his purpose for my life.
The number one item on my bucket list is a year spent living overseas.

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Candice blogs on fashion and more at Teatime Thoughts.

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