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It’s no secret to anyone that I love to dress nicely. I think it’s fun to keep up with the latest trends, and I do my best. I am, however, also very passionate about dressing modestly—and let’s face it, society’s trends often don’t match up with what’s modest! One of the hardest problems for me, as a taller gal, is finding dresses that are long enough. Luckily, necessity is the mother of invention, and I’ve been able to come up with some creative ways to make a gorgeous but short skirt work. I hope some of you can benefit from these four easy tricks:

1. Wear it with Tights

I started with this trick, because I think it’s probably the most obvious one. Layering a dress over tights can be a big help, not only because you’re not showing as much skin, but also because if you wear dark tights with a dark skirt the lines of where the skirt stops and your legs start are blurred. I usually only do this with skirts that I feel are 1-2 inches too short. If it’s a skirt that’s shorter, I feel like tights aren’t enough. But that’s just my humble opinion.

Pink striped top, black skirt, black tights, and black booties

2. Leggings

The biggest problem I find with wearing tights is that they are so hot in the summer! Most of the time this means that I simply don’t wear the greater majority of my dresses in that season, but this year I found a solution: leggings! Forever 21 has some nice capri ones for just around $5. Perfect!
Green cardigan, black belted skirt, leggings, and red flats

3. Layer over another skirt

This trick I discovered completely by accident! I ordered a new dress, and when it came I realized that it would be too short to wear, even with tights. Nevertheless, I decided to try it on—just for fun. Since I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work, I didn’t bother to take off the white skirt I was already wearing and discovered that it looked really nice that way —like they were made for each other. Since then, I’ve worn the dress dozens of times with a simple white skirt underneath. It looks fantastic, and I get a lot of use out of a dress I would have otherwise had to return.

Floral dress, black booties, and plaid top

4. Wear skinny jeans under it

There are some dresses that are too short for tights/leggings, but they just don’t look right with another skirt underneath. With those special dresses, I’ll usually slip a pair of skinny jeans under them. I figure if skinny are modest enough to wear with shirts (that are generally shorter than dresses), then they’re modest enough to wear with dresses! It usually just looks like a long tunic. I’m a huge fan of doing this when all else fails.

Floral dress, blue sweater, skinny jeans, and red flats

Do you gals find it hard to find dresses that are long enough? What do you do to make them work? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

KatieMy name is Katie.

My career (or career goal) right now I’m working as a sales associate at a small, family-owned shoe store, but I would love to do something involving graphic design or creative writing.

This fall, my must-have fashion items are skinny jeans, heels and anything polka-dotted! The skinny jeans and heels are almost always my “must have fashion item” in the autumn, but this year I’m just loving polka-dots! I’m on the look out for a perfect polka-dotted blouse—bonus points if it has a Peter Pan collar (another recent love of mine)!

The TV show I can’t get enough of is Downton Abbey! My family and I have been watching numerous episodes every night—it’s such an addicting show!

The person that I’d most like to meet is definitely Adam Young. He’s my favorite artists and seems to be generally very nice.

I feel most in love with God when I see everything He’s created and how wonderful it is. I’m a huge nature lover, and I just think it’s incredible that He made all of it. For me, it’s just impossible to deny how amazing God is when I see a maple tree in all it’s radiant scarlet color in the autumn, or lake Michigan on a clear summer day, or the great boughs of an oak tree laden with snow in the winter.

The number one item on my bucket list is As weird as it may sound for an eighteen year old, my number one item on my bucket list is to have kids. I have three little sisters and worked at a home daycare for two years. I love little kids, and I want to have my own someday.

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