Intern Style: Statement Jeans

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When I was in college, I wore dresses and skirts way more often than I wore pants. I hardly ever wore jeans because they felt too boring and uncomfortable. But for some reason, ever since I graduated and started interning, I’ve gravitated way more towards jeans (Is this a part of growing up? Ugh!) to wear on a daily basis to the office. But this doesn’t mean they have to be boring jeans!

The trend of bright, colorful jeans just may be my favorite right now. They’re so easy to wear, and they create an effortless, chic look with that only takes a minute to put together. As soon as spring actually shows, I’ll rock my baby pink jeans and maybe a mint green pair, but for now I’m braving the winter chill with these dark red cigarette jeans from Urban Outfitters (side note: I got them for $10 on sale last summer—booyah!). I chose a simple white sweater, but I also love this color paired with chambray or leopard print, which I’ve seen all over my favorite blogs. Tres chic!

This was such an easy outfit, and perfect for running around all day in. Do you like the colorful jeans trend? What colors are you planning to rock this winter/spring, and what will you pair them with? Share some tips in the comments!

xo Charity

jeans: Urban Outfitters
sweater & necklace: Forever 21
scarf: Fred Meyer
boots: Charlotte Russe

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