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Bonjour, You Are Project readers! My name is Charity and I am SO excited to be working with The You Are Project this year as a fashion columnist. I wrote a guest post here about a year ago about thrifting and had a wonderful time—so when Lauren and I got back in touch recently and the opportunity arose for me to blog about fashion here, I jumped at it! I absolutely love the mission and purpose of You Are, and I love playing with fashion, so it seems to be a perfect fit!

I have a lifestyle blog that I have kept for the last few years, and keeping it has been a great way to watch my style grow and change. Though I’m sure it will always be changing, I feel much more at home and confident in my style than I did even a year ago! This year I am interning for a college ministry called the INN University Ministries and will be posting some “intern style” outfits on this blog, but as an introduction, I thought I’d show-and-tell you some of my favorite style tips. Here are things I love in fashion:

1. I love…mixing stripes and florals.

Mixing prints is a favorite choice of mine, and something about stripes + florals—especially in the spring/summer—just gets me!

Stripes and florals

Stripes and florals

2. I love…playing with trends.

I firmly believe that trends should always be taken with a grain of salt: only rock trends that you feel great in and that work for your body. I’ve often gravitated towards a trend I’ve seen on bloggers, only to decide that I don’t actually love it on myself. That being said, inexpensive stores like Forever21 make it easy to try out a trend without committing to a spendy piece. This spring, I tried out the high-low skirt trend and the peplum top trend, and though they didn’t turn into my absolute favorite styles, I still had fun playing with them!

High-low skirt

Peplum top

3. I love…neutral outfits with a pop of color.

While envious of girls who can rock bright shades head-to-toe, I always find that I love neutrals on myself. However, I usually can’t help adding a little pop of color to make an outfit more exciting! My friend calls it the “flair”.

Red jeans and grey tee
Striped maxiskirt and top
Leather vest

4. I love…casual summer wear.

Part of why I love living in the Pacific Northwest is the Fall/Winter fashion (layering, sweaters, tights, dresses, winter coats…), but I also love how easygoing and laid back summer style is. Cut-off shorts, loose tanks, sandals and flats, cotton maxi dresses—perfection.

Striped dress

Shorts and tee

I hope that gave you a little snapshot of my style and the things I’ll be sharing with you in my posts! I can’t wait to get to know you all more in the next few months. Here’s a start: what are your three favorite personal style tips? Do tell!

xo. Charity

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Charity Hestead
Charity is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from the greater Seattle area. She has a Creative Writing degree from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, where she currently lives. She is presently participating in a year-long internship at a college ministry of WWU, and hopes to move to California when the internship ends—to write and play in the sun! Her life-long dream is to have a collection of short stories published. She loves fashion, photography, Jesus, and her puppy, Huckleberry Finn. You can find her blog at
  • Catherine

    Charity, I’m excited you’re joining the team! I think my three favorite (thrifty) style tips are:

    1. Unless you’re totally 100% sold that it’s you, let it pass. I don’t know how many times I’ve bought something or tried things on because it was “the style” or I saw cute girls pulling it off but then thought, “This isn’t me.” And never wore it. The more comfortable I become in my own skin, the more I realize I don’t have to go off the workd’s fashion but what matches me and my style.

    2. Mix it up, be creative and see what new outfits you can come up with from what you already have. I’ve found this helps me develop new parts of my style and use items from my closet that I had grown tired of.

    3. I don’t have three style tips, which is why I am excited you’re here to share!