Nastassja Petersen: “She was clothed in fine linen and purple…”

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I like to imagine the Proverbs 31 woman in 2012. If she doesn’t already own a few pairs, she has her eye on a Louboutin heel. She loves Prada. She puts on some lipstick before she heads out. And she will not leave home wearing slippers. She knows a good deal when she sees one, yet she isn’t slave to trends. She is a trendsetter, I’m sure. She is confident in her body, even if she has a few extra bits and bumps—she knows how to look good. None of this defines her, and she finds no invaluable worth in it, but she enjoys using what God has blessed her with to present the world with the best version of herself.

Back then, she was clothed in fine linen and purple. Not any linen—fine linen. Why then should we, Proverbs 31 women, not put our best foot forward? If we’re preaching of a God that wants to make us prosperous, why are we not being prosperous? And I’m not talking about wealth; I’m talking about how we present ourselves to the world. We should be the best version of ourselves. Yes, we have our off days—and we may not all be able to afford Louboutins—but we sure can be the best version of ourselves with what we have. But what do we have?

Know Your Shape

For starters, we have a shape—even if it’s not the one you want! Some are boxy, some curvy. Some thin, some “plus size”. I don’t really like that phrase, “plus size”. Why plus? Anyway, voluptuous is what I mean.

Get to know your shape. Get naked. Stand in front of the mirror and determine the widest part of your body. I’m widest at the thigh line. Maybe you’re wider at the shoulders, waist, or hip. If you’re wider on top, you may want to slim it down with draped or v-neck tops and dark colors. If you’re wider at the bottom, you may want to try A-line skirts, wide leg pants, and dark, solid colours on the bottom. The key is to balance it all out. As a diamond, though not very extreme, I add bulk to my top half to balance my shoulders with my thighs. I use jewelry, collars, shoulder pads, and other details. Prints on top (I love stripes!) do wonders for me. Just discover what works for you. Find your formula.

Striped top and statement necklace, striped blazer and red bag

Showcase Your Personality

More than shape (because you know how that changes), we have personality. That’s steadfast. That’s what makes you, you. And that’s the most precious thing you can offer this world. Without saying a word, you could relay your personality. I learnt a clever trick: find three adjectives that describe you, then dress using the guidelines, Cut, Colour, and Texture.

“Controlled, Spontaneous, and Bold.” Those are my words—here’s how I could translate it through my clothing:
Cut, color, and texture

Final thoughts

In addressing your image and creating the best you, there’s a lot to consider: Skin colour, hair, height, body issues! But if we find what works for us, we have found the best version of ourselves. I think the Proverbs 31 woman knew that purple suited her well. ;)

Nastassja PetersenMy name is Nastassja.
My career (or goal) is journalism. I’m also starting out in the image/style consulting industry. I still dream of working in the magazine industry. Or anything that deals with women.
The passage of scripture that I live by is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” It’s corny, but it’s my mantra.
I get fashion inspiration from other blogs, and fashion on the street—I’m inspired by real girls.
If my career didn’t work out, I’d probably be a motivational speaker.
I feel the most loved when my husband brings me coffee every Saturday morning. He does loads to make me feel loved. I call him my Spoiler. But him getting up on a Saturday, while I’m asleep and I know he is tired—yet he makes me coffee. That’s priceless.

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Nastassja blogs about fashion at Mrs Rogéro.

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  • Tumi Sedumedi

    Totally fitting. Pun intended :-)


    When I was growing up the emphesis was much on doing stuff at home that made you a prov 31 woman. I somewhat did not fit in that character. I am so glad that young woman like you are pin pointing the prov 31 woman. She is definately a strong woman. A woman who will define herself by herself and her God. She will start businesses and produce employment for country that’s unemployment is so high, she will run any department in the government and in the private sector and make a success of it. People will call her husband and children blessed and she would not care about who gets the glory, as long as everyone that passes her way is prosperous by their encounter with her. Thanks Nats