How to Wear Your Perfect Summer Shorts

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As a Florida native, shorts are an essential part of my wardrobe. In the summer heat, they sometimes seem like the only option! Even if you aren’t a Florida girl, it’s still important to find a good pair of shorts for the warmest season. This clothing item can be dressed up or down, just like your jeans. Here’s how to do it!

Pick Your Perfect Pair

To start, select a well-fitting pair of shorts a fun summer color that won’t let you down. I chose mint! This pale color is trendy, pretty, and neutral enough to be paired with brighter colors.

Dressed Up! = Shorts + Flowy Tank + Earrings + Wedges

When it comes to classing up an outfit, the right texture is essential. Replace your typical cotton tank with a sheer, flowy top. A pair of brightly-colored wedges add height, and some stand-out earrings are the perfect finishing touch. You’ll be ready for a night on the town—and you’ll be able to stay cool and confident for all the pictures!


Summer Shorts

Dressed Down! = Shorts + Flat Sandals + Fedora + Cotton Shirt

When dressing down those summer shorts, comfort is key! Replace wedges with flat sandals that you can walk around in all day. Wear a hat to contain that hair in the summer breeze and to keep the sun off your face. A top made from breathable fabric, such as cotton, won’t tell on you if you’re dying from the heat. Neutral colors such as white, black, and light grey work best for disguising a bit of perspiration!


Summer Shorts

Shorts in the summer will never go out of style. So pick up a pair that you can wear no matter what the occasion! Do you have a favorite pair of summer shorts?

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