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Today was one of those days when being a mom is extremely hard. I had a check list of things to do. I needed to get some work done, and there were errands, school activities, a doctors appointment, and family stuff. My special needs three-year-old screams, yells, and hits me as I try and complete these tasks. Luckily, my five-year-old helps me as much as he can (bless his heart). By the end of the day, I just cried. After I cried, I thanked God for giving me two beautiful boys, and I asked him for help in raising them.
Leather jacket and blue dress

With all the hardships we have as mothers, we also have rewards. I truly believe that we need to take a minute recognize our blessings and accept any rewards that come our way. We also need to remember to take care of ourselves emotionally, physically, and spiritually. That is what I blog about. I have a fashion blog, but it’s not just any fashion blog. I’m a mom that believes that taking care of yourself can change your life.

To feel amazing on a daily basis, you need to find a least one thing you can do for yourself.

Beauty: Being a mom of two young boys, I don’t have a lot of time to spend in this department. So I found my one thing: Eyelash extensions. I can roll out of bed and feel ready for the day. I love them!
Eyelash extensions

Fashion: For me, a great pair of heels makes me feel like a million bucks!
Yellow skinnies, yellow heels, teal purse, and gold bangle

Mind: Being active in nature is just what the doctor orders for me. It clears my mind and helps me feel refreshed. I try to fit this in my life everyday. Most of the time, it’s with my kids.
Nature hike

Spirit: My spirit is happiest when I’m doing something nice for someone else. I try and remember that everyone is in need of something—even my friend down the street.

Whenever you feel like you just don’t have the time, remember that you are worth it! I have to remind myself of this. Life is hard, but we can learn to take the good things and put our best foot forward. Heels and all!

Yellow skirt and navy polka dotted top

Shannon AbbottMy name is Shannon Abbott.
My kids I have two boys. Zachary (A BIG 5 year old! ) Tyson (Almost 3!).
My seasonal must-have fashion items are {Spring} Floral! Anything floral. Pants, blouse, dress {Summer} Metallic sandals. So fresh! {Fall} Patterns. Plaid, dots, checkered. {Winter} I think the colorful coats we saw this last year will be big in winter 2013
My favorite fragrance is anything fresh.
I feel most in love with God when all my boys (including my husband) are hugging me! I feel so lucky! God must truly love me to give me this family.
The number one item on my bucket list is when my kids get older I have always wanted to take a trip as a family to a third world country and do charity work.
I feel the most loved when my husband makes me laugh. That was a big part of me falling in love with him.

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Shannon blogs on style, beauty, and motherhood at Style With Shannon.

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  • Emily

    I love this article. Shannon really is so amazing, it just pours out of her blog (and she has awesome style!). I totally admire her and really loved this post.