The Best Eye-Makeup for Bold Lips

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Bold lips have been trending the past several seasons and don’t show any signs of slowing down. Lipstick is a great way to add some color to your makeup routine, but many women feel intimidated—not just with wearing such a bright color, but with what to do with the rest of their makeup.

It seems everything I read about wearing bold lipstick stresses simplicity with the rest of your routine, but what does that really mean? How much is too much? What should you pair with varying shades of lipstick? What’s supposed to be fun becomes complicated and often mundane.

As much as I love bold lipstick, my favorite feature to play up is my eyes, so I don’t naturally gravitate toward a lipstick because I don’t like leaving my eyes alone. However, there are lots of ways to wear bold lips and eye makeup without looking like you’ve got too much makeup on.

The key to a bold lip is to have fun—don’t stress about the rules! Here are some great ways to play up your eyes while wearing bold lips:

1. Everyday Eye and Pink Lips
This is the easiest way to add lipstick to your routine. An everyday eye is what I wear most often; its an easy and pretty look that includes a slightly shimmery bone colored shadow all over my lid, some matte brown shadow in the crease, eyeliner, and mascara. Simply add a pretty pink lipstick to this look and you’re good to go.

Everyday eye makeup with pink lips

2. Winged Liner and Matte Red Lips
I’m sure you’ve seen this look paired with lipstick often—they’re both classic. It’s perfect for a more dramatic look, as the bold liner and lipstick both draw attention. Apply a matte bone shadow all over lid, then use a gel eyeliner and extend your liner into a wing shape. Add some rich lipstick (I love a matte red) and you’re ready to go. This look can be dressed up for formal events or used to add some drama to an outfit.
Winged eyeliner and matte lips

3. Soft Gold Shadow and Berry Lips
Gold eyeshadow is incredibly versatile and looks great with a bold lip. The key here is to pick a gold that has some shimmer to it—but nothing too crazy as you still want the attention to be on your lips. To get this look, sweep a soft gold eyeshadow all over the lids, add a soft touch of brown eyeliner if desired, and load up on the mascara. Don’t forget your berry lips!
Soft gold eyeshadow and berry lips

4. Smoky Bronze Shadow and Coral Lips
This is my favorite look lately. I love a dramatic eye, and metallics are perfect with a bold lip. A coral lipstick (or a burgundy) work best with a really bold eye, as they aren’t as attention-demanding as a classic red. The eye shadow application is easier than you think because the ‘messiness’ of it adds to the look we’re going for. Apply a bronze (or silver) shadow all over lid and below the eye like bottom eyeliner. Add some matte brown shadow in the crease, and line the lids and waterline if desired. Apply several coats of mascara and add your lipstick of choice. This one is perfect for making your eyes really shine while rocking a bold lip.
Smoky bronze eyeshadow and coral lips

Make the Most of Your Makeup Purchases!

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