The Secrets to Dressing Room-Confidence (Or, Trying On Clothing Used to Make Me Cry)

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You-Are-1904It’s amazing what a knockout dress or new top and jewelry can do for our self-confidence. Something as simple as a comfy but cute tee or a perfectly fitting pair of jeans can make me feel like a rockstar. But sometimes, clothing doesn’t make us feel so great about ourselves. The fitting room can be anything but a confidence booster—between the poor lighting (do I always have THAT much cellulite!?) and the clothes that don’t always flatter, it’s easy to leave feeling like all confidence has been leaked out of you.

It’s crazy that we would change ourselves for clothing rather than hone our own style and enjoy what we’ve been given!

I have always had a hard time finding clothes. My body type is not conducive to many of the current trending fashions, and I have to get a lot of things tailored. More than once, I have cried at the end of a shopping trip (bra shopping trips are THE WORST). Shopping used to make me wish I were built differently—I wanted to be thinner and more boyish so I could wear whatever I wanted. It’s crazy that we would change ourselves for clothing rather than hone our own style and enjoy what we’ve been given!

Lately, my attitude has changed. I’ve learned to love my figure and the challenge that comes with dressing it. In fact, the past few times I have tried on clothes I had fun and left feeling good about myself, even if I didn’t end up buying anything. There are some very definite reasons for this change, and today I’d like to share my secrets to dressing room confidence.

1. Love your body more than fashion.

Trends come and go, but your individual beauty is timeless. Don’t allow trends to dictate what you feel you should look like. Focus on the styles that look great on you, and don’t waste time mourning the ones that don’t.

2. Learn how to hone your own style.

The women whose fashion choices I admire most are those who truly do their own thing. Even if their style doesn’t suit my taste, I love that they are expressing who they are, and I want to mimic their boldness. It’s not about “trends”—style is about dressing for yourself and making a statement that’s all your own.

3. Know the cuts that work on your body.

I’m short waisted and curvy, so I need to wear clothing items that fit at my natural waist. Empire waisted tops don’t sit right on me (and sometimes, they make me look pregnant—which is not a good look if you aren’t actually pregnant). If you know from experience that a style doesn’t work on you, save yourself some grief and leave it on the hanger. You’ll save time and you’ll feel a little bit better about yourself.

4. Choose quality over quantity.

Quality fabrics tend to be more flattering and curve-skimming than cheaper, thinner, clingy fabrics. Choose well and not only will you feel better in your clothing, but you’ll own it longer.

How much are we bringing a smile to God’s face when we appreciate the bodies He’s given us?

5. Have fun!

Attitude really is everything. I’ve found some of my favorite items when I was having fun and not taking shopping so seriously. Even if something doesn’t quite fit right, an upbeat mood will help you to brush it off and keep searching. Plus, I truly think that God wants us to spend more time enjoying our beauty rather than finding fault with ourselves. How much are we bringing a smile to His face when we appreciate the bodies He’s given us?

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