You Glow, Girl! The Best Tips for Applying Highlighter

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Hello, beautiful girls!

Today I’ll be showing you an amazing way you can use highlighting techniques to make your skin look healthy and glowing. We all have those days where our skin feels dull, and we feel as if we look a little more tired than usual. With a few dabs of highlighter, you can easily bring out your gorgeous features and achieve that bright and flawless complexion that we all want. In just a few minutes, your face will feel bright and awake again!

When picking out a highlighter for your skin, you should choose according to your skin type. Powders work better for skin that is more on the combination/oily side, whereas creams work well on dry skin. Both drugstore and department store brands make highlighters, so no matter what your budget is, you’re guaranteed to find something you love! The color of the product should be lighter than your skin tone; otherwise, it can look muddy on your skin and give you the complete opposite effect.

Where to apply highlighter:

1. The top of your cheekbones—to make your cheekbones appear more prominent.

2. Right below your eyebrows—brightens and opens up your eyes.

3. The center of the nose—helps bring light to your face.

4. Your cupid’s bow—makes your lips appear fuller and will make them pop.

Where to highlight your face

Avoid using highlighter on:

  • Blemishes—shiny pimples? No thank you!
  • Lines and wrinkles—can make them appear deeper and more noticeable.
  • Under your eyes—can enhance dark circles and puffiness.
  • Oily areas—shine can only make them appear oilier.

That’s all there is to it! Super easy, right? Just a bit of shimmer and glow to make you feel beautiful, confident, and unstoppable!

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    This is an awesome tip! Thank you!