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Sometimes the fear and uncertainty we face in the midst of transition can be destroyed by looking at our situation from a new perspective.

I find I can best gain a glimpse of His perspective by hiding out in nature for an hour or two: sitting on the beach at sunrise, going for a walk in a National Park, laying in the grass and watching the stars—just being in His creation.

Sunrise VA Beach

When I sit on the beach and wait for the sun to rise, my impatience always gets the best of me. But then God reminds me of all the things that are taking place in that moment—everything that I can’t see. I may think the sun is never going to rise, like nothing is happening, but He reminds me that from His perspective, there is so much going on. There are things taking place that I’m not aware of, things that are so essential to the process.

With this new perspective, my fears and uncertainty are pushed aside. I’m reminded that answers will arrive soon enough, there is more going on than I am aware of, and He still knows exactly what He is doing.

I pray that you take the time to gain a new perspective and experience His peace that surpasses all understanding.

Life is all about transitions and even some of the most exciting moments can be filled with worry and fear. If you ever want to talk about something you’re going through or share your story feel free to comment here or send me an email. I’d love to get to know you and/or pray with you!

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Catherine Smith
Catherine graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Education and has experiencing teaching both elementary and high school students. Catherine is passionate about helping women connect with their true purpose and discover their value. As the Community Relations Director, Catherine manages our outreach projects, events, and relationships with other organizations that support women.
  • Darlene Anderson

    Catherine, I love the comparison to the sun rising, especially since sun rises are always so unique. Let’s not forget that sometimes there are so many clouds that we can’t even see the sun rising but that it doesn’t change the fact that it has indeed risen.

  • Nancy Carvette

    I have not waited for the sunrise often but the times I did I do remember thinking, “when is it going to rise”. I do want things to change faster than they do and I do tire of waiting for people to come to the Lord and truly experience His love for them. It is those times that I eventually surrender all to Him and trust He will bring it about in His perfect timing.
    Good comparison of waiting for the sunrise and patience. Waiting for the sunrise takes real Faith – knowing even though not seeing what is happening that our God is always at work behind the scenes.
    It also brings to mind the times I have watched the sunset, either with PopPop or with the Girls. We wait in quiet expectation and in awe at the beauty of God’s creation. It is easier to be less impatient since we are witnessing what God is doing.