Photoshoot: Who You Are to Me

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From left to right: Nina, Lisa, Catherine, Nikki, Natalia, and Lauren

The You Are Project is all about celebrating the unique traits that make each woman in your life beautiful, including yourself. So to celebrate the beginning of The You Are Project we hit the streets of Haddonfield with a mirror; a bunch of lipstick; our incredibly gifted and talented friend and photographer, Monica Manklang, and some beautiful ladies for the “Who You Are To Me” photo shoot. The goal was to represent the importance of friendship and our desire for the women in our lives to see what we see when they look in the mirror.

Here are some thoughts from two of our beautiful models:

Niki and Natalia

Natalia:  “The photoshoot was a really fun way to spend time with the girls and learn all about The You Are Project. It was so nice to be with girls who are nice and have a great cause. I loved how we wrote on the mirror with lipstick, it was so girly and the compliments made everyone feel really good about themselves.”

Niki:  “I really enjoyed the photo shoot for The You Are Project. The thing I enjoyed most was the attitudes of the girls there. We, as girls, have a tendency to feel insecure, judge and push our insecurities on others. It was not at all like this during the shoot (or anytime I am with these girls for that matter). Everyone was really encouraging and uplifting. The shoot really embodied the heart and soul of the You Are Project. No matter your shape, size, color, age or whatever you’ve been through you are beautifully and wonderfully made. This is easily forgotten, but oh so true! I loved that they used mirrors and had us write something special about the others on it. I think it signified how we may not see a particular quality that we embody, but somebody else might. I know personally that thoughout the photo shoot while we were doing this I learned more about myself and felt very valued and blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life. Since the shoot, I’ve tried complementing others more and telling friends how and why I value our relationship because I know how much more confident and at ease I was with myself after the girls did this to me at the shoot. There are plenty of discouraging things that we go through every day, why not make someone else’s day and your own at the same time, everyone loves a compliment.”

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Catherine graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Education and has experiencing teaching both elementary and high school students. Catherine is passionate about helping women connect with their true purpose and discover their value. As the Community Relations Director, Catherine manages our outreach projects, events, and relationships with other organizations that support women.