What is REAL Beauty?

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What is beautiful? Seriously, what is it? How can it be measured and judged? Is it something we can work towards, something we can attain? Or is it something we’re born with, something innate? And if it is something we’re born with, is it something we’re all born with or without, like dimples? Something only a few of us get by chance?

The great paradox is that what we have been trained to perceive as beauty is at the same time something that we all agree is not realistic. Many people can argue that this is not harmful because we know the images are fake, but I can’t believe that being inundated by the worship of images that encourage striving to meet unrealistic and unattainable goals is harmless. Why? Because we are honoring and glorifying images, not people.

There’s nothing wrong with honoring or placing value on a woman who dons the cover of a magazine, if we are honoring her for the right reasons (even if the reason is because she worked hard to get in shape against the odds). The harmful part occurs when we place value on body parts instead of focusing that honor on real people. My desire is for women to see all the greatness, strength, talent, and potential that lies within them and the women around them. This is why we do what we do. Stepping into our greatness, strength, talent, and potential isn’t about throwing out the fun stuff we’re interested in (whether it is fashion, sports, reading, or interior design); it’s about using those passions to touch the lives of others and make an impact.

This is why my favorite section of the website is What REAL Looks Like. We believe in honoring the beauty we see in everyday women. These featured women are hand-picked—not because they are perfect and flawless, but because they are REAL, honest, talented, and passionate. We believe their stories of trial, struggle, and triumph contain something life-giving and inspiring. We honor these women through our column because we believe their voices matter, and we hope that writing about the girl-next-door just might help you, our readers, to realize that you have something fantastic to offer the world.

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Catherine Smith
Catherine graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Education and has experiencing teaching both elementary and high school students. Catherine is passionate about helping women connect with their true purpose and discover their value. As the Community Relations Director, Catherine manages our outreach projects, events, and relationships with other organizations that support women.