“Book” Shelves

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Book shelves
These “book” shelves are a super simple DIY project that makes use of large collections of books (such as encyclopedias) that look cool, but tend to go unused (thanks Google!). This white unit is a hutch that is supposed to sit atop my adorable white Pottery Barn desk. Unfortunately, I need all the desk space I can get, and this takes up almost half of that space. I wanted to find a way to use this as a sort of side table, but I couldn’t seem to find anything to set it on top of. That’s when I noticed our unused encyclopedia collection gathering dust in the corner of the basement.

I stacked the books to the height that I wanted, straightened them out, and then set the hutch on top. Viola! An easy, instant place to stash my books and writing materials next to my comfy chair. I hope this inspires you to find unique ways to use your books, hutches, or other furniture odds and ends around your room.

Book shelves

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