DIY Bronze Mirrors

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I love the look of a mirror with an ornate bronze frame—but I don’t like the high price tags. I scored this fancy pair of mirrors at the Red White & Blue Thrift store in Voorhees, NJ. I fell in love with the style, but I was not a fan of the boring silvery-grey color.

Before: DIY Bronze Mirrors

Secret weapon: Metallic bronze spray paint

I carefully covered the surface of the mirrors using masking tape and old paper bags. Ideally, I would have removed the mirrors from their frames before painting. However, the mirrors were backed with thick paper, and I didn’t want to have to reassemble everything. After the glass was covered, I added several layers of the bronze paint. I got a bit of paint on the surface of one of these (I wasn’t careful enough with the tape!), but it was easily removed with Goo Be Gone.

The finished product

I’m very pleased with the way these turned out. This entire project cost me under $20 for the two mirrors and the paint!

After: DIY Bronze Mirrors

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