DIY Lace Rosebud

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DIY Lace RosebudThis lace rosebud is so beautiful and easy-to-make! It’s a perfect way to use up scraps of fabric or lace that you have leftover from other projects. I’m making these as part of a larger Christmas gift basket project—I’m using large bobby pins to make rose hairpins for my friends! Since these can be made quickly once you get the hang of it, you can easily make an entire batch of them for a garland or floral headpiece!


  • Bright fabric in the color of your choice
  • Lace*
  • Felt*
  • Thread*
  • Sewing needle and pins
  • Hair clip or large bobby pin

*These should all be the same color. For mine, I chose black, but neon lace/felt/thread would look awesome!


1. Cut fabric and lace into 13-14″ long strips. The strips should be about 3″ at their midpoint, but should gradually get smaller toward the ends (about 1 inch wide).

DIY Lace Rosebud

2. Place lace over the colored fabric, fold in half lengthwise, and pin in place. Stitch the cut ends together along the length of the strip of fabric. These stitches won’t show in the final product, so they don’t have to be perfect! Once you’re done stitching, remove the pins.

3. Prepare a threaded needle. Slowly and carefully, begin rolling the strip of fabric into a rose shape (with the stitched side as the base of the rose). Sew the base of the flower closed, and continue to put the needle and thread through it as your roll to keep your work in place.

DIY Lace Rosebud

4. As you get toward the outer part of the flower, roll a bit more loosely. I found that folding the fabric around the base rather than just rolling it helped me to achieve my desired shape.

5. To finish it off, leave a bit of the end sticking out to resemble a petal. Fold the raw ends in and stitch closed to complete your flower.

DIY Lace Rosebud

6. Cut a small circle of felt and use an overcast stitch (click for tutorial) to attach it to the base of the flower. If you intend to place this on a bobby pin, be sure to place your stitches far enough apart so that you can slip the pin under the felt.

7. Voila! You now have a beautiful lace rosebud. Attach one or two to a single hairpin, hot glue it to a regular pin and wear as a brooch, or make several and attach them to a headband for a cute flower crown.

DIY Lace Rosebud

Special thanks to E.M. Ricchini for photographing this project.

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