DIY Party Garland

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  • Tissue paper (1 sheet per tassel)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon (to string tassels on)


1. Cut approximately 1/4” thick strips about 8-9” long on both sides of the tissue, leaving the middle connected. (Tip: to make this go faster, fold the paper in half and cut the strips to do both sides at once!)


2. Roll up the tissue, then fold in half.


3. Twist the top into a loop. Secure the loop with a piece of tape.


4. Make more and string them on a ribbon to hang and enjoy!



These are darling as props in a photo shoot, party decor, or even hung in a room! Experiment with different color schemes for a particular theme or feel, and add metallic gold and silver tassels for a pop of sparkle. ♥

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