Five Minute Fix-Up: Add Instant Glamour with Bronze Paint

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Spray paint has always been one of the quickest and cheapest ways to revamp your stuff. Lately, I’ve been in love with metallic spray paint. It’s glamorous, and it adds instant warmth and dimension, especially in this shade of deep bronze. I went a bit crazy with the stuff and had a “spraypaint party” with random things in my room. Here are four things that I updated with my bronze paint.

1. Lamp base. A plain white lamp gets some added drama. The white shade has a soothing effect.
Bronze lamp

2. Matting. Bronze matting creates quite a pop for your framed artwork! I think it’d be cool to do this to a group of frames and have a matching set.
Bronze matting

3. Picture frame. I’ve had this frame in my room since my Grandpop died when I was eleven, so I could never get rid of it—even though the frame was shade of blue that didn’t coordinate with anything. Bronze paint brightened up my treasured frame and made it match the rest of my things.
Bronze picture frame

4. Gilded mirrors. This one’s a throwback from our DIY Bronze Mirror post from last February. Check out the post for more photos and instructions.
DIY Bronze Mirror

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  • Allison Forshey

    Champagne gold is my metallic color of choice for everything I spray in the house:) Though I normally make Emmanuel spray everything since I always mess it up somehow, but give me a paintbrush and I’m good!

  • Shannon Wheeler

    We had a first spray painting venture yesterday, spraying a stainless steel chandelier an oil rubbed bronze, so it didn’t look so out of place amidst our hundred year old light fixtures. SO IN LOVE WITH spray paint now… Your mirror frame is beauteous!!!!