Get Inspired to Decorate! Our Five Favorite DIY Projects for Spring

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We’ve had a lot of DIY and decorating posts in our almost two years of blogging for The You Are Project. I love browsing through our old projects and thinking of ways to remix them. These are among my favorites because they are easy, inspiring, and all but #5 can be adapted into decorations for a stylish spring soiree!

1. Mongs from My Thrifty Closet shows you how to Upcycle a Jam Jar. This is great project if you’re looking for a cute storage solution for office supplies,candy, or jewelry—it also works as a sweet favor jar for your next party!
Upcycle a Jam Jar

2. This DIY Lace Rosebud is beautiful and chic. They can be made quickly once you get a flow going, so you can make a batch of them to decorate a wreath or flower garland!
DIY Lace Rosebud

3. I’m still in love with this glitter banner from Candice’s Sparkling New Year’s Eve Party. Fortunately, this project isn’t just for celebrating 2013—spell out “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Mother’s Day”, or even the letters of the birthday girl’s name!

4. Keep your wooden tables safe from your favorite beverages with these colorful DIY Tile Coasters. All you need are tiles, felt, and glue!

5. Here’s a clever way to store all of the memories you’ll make this season! Showcase all of your smaller momentos (ticket stubs, cards, etc.) and prevent them from getting lost in the bottom of the box with this Personalized Memory Box.
Personalized Memory Box

Send us your photos!

If you’ve made one of our DIY projects (or hosted one of Candice’s creative parties), send us a photo of the results! We’d love to see what you came up with. Your photos could be featured on our blog!

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