Minimalist Christmas Ideas: Decorate With Limited Space!

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If you live in a smaller living space, Christmas decorating can be a challenge! What’s more, you might not have room to store Christmas decor throughout the rest of the year. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to bring Christmas cheer into your home without having to put anything into storage later on. Here are some tips for Christmas decorating in cramped quarters!

1. Decorate with candles and mirrors.

This creates a romantic, cozy holiday look—and you probably have mirrors and candles in your house year-round! It’s simple, but elegant.

2. Do some holiday baking.

Deck out a gingerbread house, make gingerbread Christmas ornaments, or create some colorful sugar cookies and put them on a pretty platter. When you’re done, you and your friends will be able to enjoy a delicious treat.

3. Create a Christmas card garland.

If you save old Christmas cards, put them on display with a simple garland. I used clothespins and twine, but you can also use Christmas lights or a long, sparkly necklace to display your cards. If you don’t save old cards, you can also display the cards you intend to pass out to friends and family this year. For an extra decorative touch, add bows or flowers to your garland.

greeting card garland

4. Buy some candy canes.

When all else fails, decorate with candy canes. They are cheap, pretty, and classic. To be extra fancy, tie some bows around them and place them in a basket on your kitchen table.

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  • Darlene Anderson

    How do I get my better half to agree to a minimalist Christmas when he makes Christmas Vacation look like child’s play? We went from a house with cathedral ceilings to a small mobile home, so he chopped off the bottom of the 12-foot tree, broke one angel’s neck trying to get her shoved between the ceiling and the tree top, then after he had it almost just right, took it down and moved it across the room! Now he’s working on the train set, but of course just ’round the tree won’t do, he’s needing a trestle bridge and tunnel. Merry Christmas!