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It’s no secret that I love to throw parties, and I am known by friends as a celebration enthusiast. Seriously, life is way more fun when you celebrate! Many people tend to stress over the thought of putting together a party or get-together, when it’s actually quite simple. I like to work by a few guidelines that have served me well over the years. Here’s a few tips and tricks that make party planning a snap.

1. Decorate using things you’ve already got.

Decor is essential to creating an inviting environment for entertaining. Instead of running out and buying the standard decorations, look around your house for things that are unique and fit your theme. If you’re going for a more elegant theme, mismatched vases brimming over with colorful florals is stunning with a few candles and plain china. Perhaps that ceramic owl you’ve had on the shelf will be the perfect centerpiece for your fall table.

Fall party dinner table with sunflowers

2. Details matter.

The difference between a ‘nice party’ and a ‘beautiful celebration’ is always the wow-factor. So how do you take a soiree from subtle to stunning? It’s all in the details. Now this doesn’t mean expensive—it means attentive. Add charm to the typical drink table with individual old-fashioned teas and sodas, personalize the place settings with calligraphy place cards, wrap your flatware in ribbon, or tie on bows to your favor bags. The little things will make a lasting impression, leaving your guests in awe of how fabulous everything looks!

Fall party sodas

3. Local is best.

When in doubt, it’s always a wise decision to choose locally grown foods or a delicious dessert from your favorite bakery in town. Most times you’ll get better service and products, and it’s a fun way to support your town’s business. Check your farmer’s market for fresh blooms, guest favors, and some organic veggies. Instead of a boxed mix, choose a creative confection from the cupcake shop or patisserie.

Fall party dessert tables

4. Just have fun!

Now that you’ve set your space, put together (or picked up) the perfect menu, and decorated to perfection, don’t stress about the party! Relax, enjoy and just have fun with your guests. Even if things don’t go according to plan, the soup is cold, or guests are late, don’t sweat the small things. Enjoy the laughter, conversations, and time shared together—that’s what it’s all about, really.

Here’s to more stylish and simple celebrations!

Fall party gift bags

Fall Party Photoshoot

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