The Perfect Valentine’s Day Party

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February is fast approaching, and it’s almost impossible to keep yourself from wandering down the aisles of pink, red, white, and chocolate laden Valentine’s treats. While some may have mixed emotions about this famous holiday, this is a celebration that can be fun, regardless of whether or not you’re in a relationship! With flowers, feminine flair, and all things pink, let’s take the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon with your best girlfriends and indulge in a sweet or two, shall we?


Being a girl who loves anything pink, I decided to pick it up as one of the main colors for the party, and complimented it with shades of gold, white and accents of red. To set the table, a soft, hand-knit lace tablecloth and a pink runner provided the backdrop for gold chargers and classic white plates. (If you don’t have either of these, I’d suggest adding both these to your diningware arsenal; they are so versatile!) Crystal glasses with fun striped straws added a punchy twist to the overall classic feel. I grouped three glass vases of varying heights in the center of the table, and filled them with bunches of spray roses from Trader Joe’s, who always seems to have the best fresh flowers this time of year! A sprinkling of confetti and some gold flatware finished the look. Instead of waiting until the end of the party for a guest gift bag, each girl received a colorful chevron box with little treats and sweets at her place.


Sometimes a full meal isn’t required when girls just want to chat, so finger foods were a simple and delicious option. Tea sandwiches, a cheese board with added almonds, grapes and honey, as well as a variety of delectable desserts make it easy for guests to satisfy their sweet tooth and feel like they’re getting enough food! Pick up your sandwiches, and sweets ahead of time to cut down on prep work. No need to skimp on desserts this time, Valentine’s Day simply calls for plenty of adorable and delicious confections!


Whether or not you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone, it’s still fun to put those craft skills to work, and make some valentines for those you appreciate! Glitter, ribbon, rhinestones, fancy scissors and lace, along with your heartfelt wishes, are always a perfect combination!

Go ahead, invite your friends and have a fun-filled fête! Wishing you an absolutely lovely Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

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