DIY Mirrored Nightstand

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Redoing my room has been an ongoing project over the past year, but furniture can get expensive! Fortunately, I found this little gem for just $4.99 at Goodwill. With a little imagination and a fresh coat of paint, an old table can be transformed into a chic nightstand.

Before: DIY Mirrored Nightstand

Step One: Remove glass top

The surface of this nightstand was a piece of glass painted to look like wood (who ever came up with that idea?). It was held in place by old rusty nails, which I removed.
Step 1: DIY Mirrored Nightstand

Step Two: Sand and Paint

To prep for painting, I roughed up the surface of the wood with an electric sander. I recommend wearing goggles, as the dust can get in your eyes. After sanding, I applied several coats of glossy black spray paint. I was very light with the spray paint and did several layers, allowing the paint to dry for a few minutes in between coats.
Step 2: DIY Mirrored Nightstand

Step 3: Add mirrored surface

I found a round mirror at another thrift store for just $6, and it just happened to be a perfect fit. I contemplated covering the glass with a beautiful patterned fabric to add some color, but I think the mirror adds more dimension.
Step 3: DIY Mirrored Nightstand


The finished product is unique and fits my style perfectly. I hope this inspires you to put your personal touch on the furniture in your own room. Some of the best places to shop: Goodwill, consignment stores, and your parents’ basement!
After: DIY Mirrored Nightstand

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