Thrifty Finds: Hobnail Glass, Vintage Pins, and More!

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My mom has instilled in me a love of antique store shopping! Sometimes, searching through the endless array of books, clothing, and household items can feel like a treasure hunt. Here are some recent finds that I’ve picked up at antique or thrift stores.

Vintage mirrored tray

Vintage mirrored tray. $8. Antique store in Bristol, NH.

Fancy patterned tile

Fancy patterned tile. $2.75. Red White and Blue Thrift Store in Voorhees, NJ.

Vintage costume pin

Vintage costume pin. 50 cents. Antique store in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

White hobnail glass

White hobnail items. $4-$12 apiece. Antique store in Bristol, NH.

What kinds of unique items have YOU found at thrift stores? Share your photos by emailing me at Your pictures could be featured in an upcoming post!

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  • Shannon Wheeler

    I love that your mom sparked your vintage passion!!!! My mother is all about modern Asian art, so we could not be further apart in our decor, since I’m a total eclectic vintage lover. Thanks for sharing your treasures!!! I love antiquing!