Gift Bags


The You Are Project was founded on the belief that sharing God’s message of value, hope, and love with just one woman can make an eternal impact. We believe the gift of a kind word, a smile, a prayer, a cup of coffee, or a box of chocolate can be used to demonstrate this message to each woman we meet.

It’s with this in mind that we prepare to launch our 2013 Gift Bag Initiative. With your help, we plan to reach 300 women across the United States with the YOU ARE message. Each month, we will send 25 women a personalized YOU ARE gift bag and handwritten letter expressing their unique purpose and value.

How You Can Help:

Each month’s outreach costs $250 ($10 for each gift bag). You can help by making a donation of $10 to sponsor one gift bag. You can also partner with your co-workers, small group, family, or friends to sponsor one month’s outreach by donating $250.

Each group or business that sponsors an entire month will have their name and photo featured on our website and in our 2013 Outreach Photo Album on our Facebook page.

To donate to our 2013 Gift Bag Initiative, please visit our donation page. For more information, please contact Catherine Smith.

Past Projects

For more photos of our past outreach projects, check out our Facebook albums.