Join Our Street Team

If you are passionate about our mission and would like to help us grow, we’d love for you to join our Street Team! We are on the lookout for bloggers, writers, marketers, graphics designers, church leaders, and creative minds to help spread the word about The You Are Project and contribute their talents as we grow our organization.

What will members of the Street Team do?

  • Help promote The You Are Project on your social media sites, blog, and locally at your church, in your small group, and among your friends.
  • Professionals will periodically contribute services to assist in our promotional campaigns and new ventures (such as graphics design, participating in brainstorming sessions with our founders, or writing press releases).
  • Bloggers will help promote our magazine and product line on their blogs and will receive freebies in return.

Join us!

Members of our Street Team will contribute as they are able, which means that you can be highly involved or just help out once in a while. If you are a blogger with a following or a business professional who would like to contribute your skills, please contact Lauren at

Meet the Team

My name is Anna. I’m a 21-year-old former beauty queen who blogs at I’ll Fly Away. I try to take every day as it comes, find the good in every mountain I’m confronted with, and live out Proverbs 31:8 every chance I get. I’m also a college senior, majoring in Advertising and minoring in Psychology.

Why I blog: I’ve been a big advocate of journaling since my teens, and blogging seemed like the next progression in that. I blog as a way for me to look back and see where I was at this point in my life, and also to share my story with whoever is listening.

Why I love The You Are Project: I love that it’s a place where I can completely strengthen my faith and connect to people who feel the same. My faith is a relationship with Christ, but is also strengthened and developed through interactions with other Christians. I love talking to people about their faith journeys and the new outlooks it provides me. The You Are project helps me continue my faith journey in new ways.

Hi, I’m Catherine Joyce! Besides loving cats and all things vintage, I’m a fun-loving, God-fearing, fashion-wearing gal who blogs at Vintage Verses.

Why I blog: I see style as an expression of myself and of what I’m feeling. Style can’t be forced, neither can one trend work for everyone. I also hope to inspire others through posts and help them see that through every situation, God is there.

Why I love The You Are Project: Serving and sharing the love of Christ is what we are called to do as Christians, and The You Are Project does just that! I love how relatable and encouraging the posts are—they keep every woman’s interests in mind.

I’m Nastassja, and I blog at Mrs Rogéro. I’m a wife and mother, a girl’s girl, and I’m in love with God, people, and life! I’m also ADDICTED to shoes.

Why I blog: Blogging is my personal space, where I am able to write about the things I love, fashion being a huge part of it. There’s nothing more liberating than being your own editor—as a practicing Journalist, I really appreciate this!

Why I love The You Are Project: I love that it’s a great encouragement to women all around the world. There is great power in sharing, and The You Are Project allows us to share with one another.

I’m Sarah, a style blogger at Think Twice Style. My thrill is hunting for treasures in hidden places, in both a physical and spiritual sense. I love the thrill of Goodwill hunting and digging at rummage sales! I love all things related to music and am a worshipper at heart. The way I see it, personal style is another way to worship and express what God has placed in your heart.

Why I blog: I blog because I live in a place that is not exactly known for fashion. Through blogging, I have found such a great community of guys and gals who love to dress up and say “Whatever” to the norms of their surroundings. Why not don a gold tutu & a screen tee for grocery shopping? You know you want to.

Why I love The You Are Project: I love that the YAP is a community where we can grow together in our walks with God with people across the world. God is making so many connections with Christians now and this is just one of the ways he is making it happen! Plus, I totally miss getting my Brio in every month… can I get an AMEN?

My name is Shannon and I blog at Shannon K Wheeler {live beautifully}. I’m a continual re-decorator, “What Not to Wear” addict, Jesus lover, orphan care advocate, smitten wife, coffee date enthusiast, women’s ministry volunteer, and wannabe farm girl. Before staying home with my 3 kids in our ever-evolving Maine Victorian, I owned a salon for 10 years and taught high school visual art.

Why I blog: I missed having a creative outlet, writing regularly, and feeling more connected to other women. By sharing personal stories as well as creative projects, I hope to encourage each woman to live a vibrant, inspired life that truly shows the world who God made her to be.

Why I love The You Are Project: Each of us is so multi-faceted, and I love that The You Are Project values and validates all aspects of who we are as Christian women. This is a place to be encouraged spiritually in truth, to have creativity inspired, find valuable resources, be part of an engaging community, and to really enjoy being a woman.

My name is Stacia, and I’m a style blogger at Free To Be Stacia Lee. I spend my time spoiling my two fur babies, reading, napping, sipping Arnold Palmers, and living this life that the Lord has given me.

Why I blog: I blog because I believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her clothes. My hope is to inspire women through my blog and to help each one to attain a personal style that feels like herself and fits in her budget too!

Why I love The You Are Project: I love The You Are Project because they talk about topics that most Christian women want answers to but are unable to find anywhere else.