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updateDear You Are Readers,

Over the last few months, things in my life have felt out of place. As I worked to prepare this last print magazine, I noticed I no longer sensed God’s direction and inspiration as I had before. At first, I tried to ignore this lack of passion and push through it. But the more I tried, the more I felt I wasn’t enjoying my work with TYAP anymore. After lots of prayer and talking with Catherine, I have decided to step down from being the Editor of The You Are Project.

I believe in this project and everything it stands for, and I’m not letting go of our mission. But I’ve sensed God pulling me into a new chapter of life: one in which I work patiently at my job and spend time learning and listening to his vision for me. The day after I made this difficult decision, I went to the library and checked out a few books on business. This past week, I’ve read more and learned more than I have in ages, and I already have an idea of what my next step will look like. My mind is clear, which is a good indication to me that stepping down is the right thing to do.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be having lots of discussions about the direction of the project, and will give you an update once we’ve determined what will happen next. It is our intention for the project to continue, and we believe this is a great opportunity to evaluate the ways in which we aim to accomplish our mission.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in this project, and everyone who reads our articles and posts. We appreciate your patience during this time of transition, and we hope this change results in long-term growth for the project and a clearer communication of the message that God originally placed on our hearts. Sometimes, in order to grow, you have to prune back.

We are hoping to get the blog going strong again in September/October. To receive an update from Catherine about the status of the project, please subscribe to our email list.


Lauren D’Alessandro
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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