The Fight in the Hallway

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Hallways are a place of transition. They contain the doors to a large number of rooms, and they are the mode with which we move from one room to the next. In our lives, hallways are often the place of the greatest fear and uncertainty. In times of transition, we find ourselves tired, in pain, or impatient. You might be trapped in the hallway because all of the doors are locked, and there seems to be nowhere to go. Or perhaps you have a large number of open doors, and you aren’t sure which one God wants you to walk through. Maybe you are being bullied in the hallway. The demons in your life are taunting you, telling you that the plans God has behind that next door are out of your reach, and well beyond what you are truly capable of. They say that His plan is far too big for someone like you, and they try to block the doors, or worse yet, use your fear to hold you captive in the hallway, too afraid to walk through the threshold and claim his plan for your life.

My friend, hallways are indeed a place of frustration, confusion, and fear, but they are also the place where we build our strength for the next step. The waiting strengthens our faith, and allows us to continue to trust that God’s plan is good, even when we feel like we aren’t accomplishing anything worthwhile. We are also building self-control as we learn to ignore the open doors that are easy and readily available, but simply not a part of where God wants us. And as we wrestle with our demons—the fear, the insecurity, and the doubt—we are working our spiritual muscles. As we fight the forces that oppose us and attempt to prevent our forward movement, we are actually building the very muscles that we will need in order to accomplish that task lying behind the next door.

My beautiful ladies, if you are in a time of frustration, a transition, or a standstill in your life, take heart. The fight in the hallway is just what you need to be ready for God’s perfect plan to unfold.

The Fight in the Hallway

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    Nicely done Lauren. Good word.