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Exercise is very important for mental health as well as for the obvious physical benefits. Yet when our schedules get crazy, it is one of the first things that is abandoned. Most people think that their workout should be a long run or an elliptical session, but if you want to see results, then weights and high intensity interval cardio is the way to go.

No gym membership? Use your body weight! Not only are body weight exercises some of the most effective moves, but they can be done anywhere because all you need is—yourself. Since we are supposed to aim for 60 minutes of moderate activity a day according to, do this workout 2-3 times a week and strive for physical activity on the other days. This can be walking your dog, riding a bike around your neighborhood, jumping on the trampoline, or going for a hike with a friend.

Total time

15 minutes


Perform each exercise as many times as you can in 50 seconds, take a 10 second break, and then move on to the next exercise, repeating this pattern until you have completed the series three times.


1. Burpee
This exercise involves jumping straight up, then basically going into a push-up.

2. Jumping Lunges
For this exercise, make sure that you aren’t touching your knee to the ground when you lunge.

3. Pushups
If you have difficultly with push-ups, you can make this easier by staying on your knees instead of your toes.

4. Mountain Climbers
You can increase or decrease the speed of this exercise depending on your comfort level.

5. One-leg lift touch
For the one-leg lift touch, make sure that you are keeping your legs straight and that you aren’t flailing. Control is more important that stretching your leg as far as you can!

Tip: Using a timer

Having a timer set for moves helps me to push deeper and work harder then if I was only trying to get a certain amount of reps. I use the free gymboss interval timer app on my iPhone, but if you don’t have an iPhone then here is a free online timer. For this workout, you would need to set the round length to 50 seconds and the rest length for 10 seconds.

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