Do Good With Your Holiday Shopping

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With Christmas fast approaching, we find ourselves putting out money for gifts, food, greeting cards, and decorations—and it can definitely get expensive! Fortunately, you can make sure that your spending helps others this holiday season. Read on for a few great ways to spend intentionally and “do good” with your holiday shopping.

Buy local
If you aren’t doing your own baking, you can purchase delicious desserts and holiday treats from a local bakery. You can also check out your local shops for gift ideas, ranging from handmade truffles from a chocolate shop to that perfect holiday dress from a clothing boutique!

Pastries from a local bakery


Shop Etsy
When you purchase a handmade scarf or Christmas ornament from an Etsy shop, you get a unique, handcrafted item, with the added bonus of knowing exactly who your money is helping.

I love these adorable musical note ornaments and typography Christmas notecards (pictured below). You can also check out the Etsy store for one of our favorite organizations, Girls Soccer in Kibera. The proceeds go toward the construction of a girls boarding school in Kibera.

Etsy Greeting Cards and Ornaments


Shop for charity

Stretch your Christmas money by purchasing gifts from stores that donate to charity. Here are a few great options:

Charitable Threads
Every two weeks, this online organization chooses a charity and designs clothing items exclusively for them. For every item sold during that two-week period, $10 is donated to the charity.

Soles 4 Souls
Purchases made at their online store help supply children around the world with shoes.

The Body Shop
Their products are fair trade certified, natural, and not tested on animals. They also have their own charitable foundation. Their goal is to help organizations that support human and civil rights, environmental and animal protection.

Radiant Cosmetics
This makeup company was founded to help non-profits that work to put an end to human trafficking. Their country collections feature makeup bags made by women around the world who are at risk for trafficking.

Sevenly partners with non-profits to create 52 t-shirt campaigns every year. $7 of each t-shirt purpose goes to the featured charity.

For every pair of shoes purchased at Toms, the company will give one new pair to a child in need.

Kiva enables individuals to give microloans that help people across the world start businesses. Once the loan has been paid back, you can use the money to finance another project. Give a Kiva gift card for Christmas, and the recipient will get to choose who to loan their money to!

Have fun shopping!

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  • Darlene Anderson

    Great gift ideas. I bought the musical note ornaments as gifts.