Girl’s Night-On the Cheap!

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that Girl’s Nights are a great way to take a break and unwind after a tough week. But if you don’t have a lot of spending money, it can be tough to select a fun activity. Here are some great tried-and-true activities to try with your girlfriends—and they won’t break the bank!


Pinterest Potluck
It is likely that you and your friends have a ton of ideas filed on your Pinterest that you’ve never actually tried in reality. Host a “Pinterest Potluck”, where each friend cooks a recipe from their Pinterest and brings that dish to the party for everyone to try. You can also have each guest bring the supplies for a different craft project and have a DIY party.

Line dancing or Swing dancing
My friends and I had a great time line dancing at Prospector’s last week, and all it cost was the $5 cover charge plus a few dollars for a drink or two. Find out where you can go line dancing or swing dancing locally. If you aren’t an experienced dancer, find out if they offer lessons! Many dancing places offer lessons on certain nights.

Under $5/Person

Open Mike Nights
Find out when your local coffee shop hosts an open mike night, and attend with your friends! Open mike nights are often a lot of fun, and the only money you need to spend is purchasing your favorite latte or tea. Even when there isn’t an open mike night, coffee shops can be a great place to socialize and meet new people on a Friday night.

Ice Cream Sunday Party
This is something my friends and I did often in college. Pick out a few ice cream flavors and toppings and create your own Sundays! If everyone splits the cost, this usually costs just a few dollars per person.

Picnic and Hiking
Catherine and I love hiking, and some of the best times we’ve had are when we packed ourselves a cooler of food, found a local park or hiking trail, and laid out a blanket for a picnic. Pick a great location, and you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful nature walk after you finish eating.


Board games
Break out the old Monopoly board, Twister mat, Operation, or Uno. It sounds simple, but if you have a good group these games will elicit tons of laughter and a good time. You may also find yourself feeling nostaligic if it’s a game you haven’t played in a while.

Free Movies
Browse the free movies section of Hulu or Comcast. Once in a while, you can find some great oldies on there. Even if the selection isn’t great, you can still have fun with this! My friends and I get a kick out of picking the most ridiculous movies to watch. My sister and I once found a free Power Rangers movie (jackpot!).

College Fun
If you are living on a college campus, make sure you keep up with all of the free activities that your student center offers! If you’re really creative, there are a lot of other ways to amuse yourself (such as create giant slides with your mattresses and the stairwell, sneak onto the roof, explore the haunted building on your campus, play pranks on your friends).

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