How to Make the Best Espresso

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Espresso is definitely my favorite way to prepare coffee. I prefer one super strong cup in the morning rather then a whole coffee pot of the “normal” stuff for the rest of the day. While a home espresso machine (I’m dreaming of this one) will help you achieve coffee shop results, you can get pretty close to the same thing with an inexpensive Moka pot. The Moka pot was designed in 1933 in Italy by a smart fellow named Luigi De Ponti. It comes in a variety of sizes and is perfect for college dorms (with a hot plate) or even camping trips over a fire.

The Moka pot brews the pot of espresso through the steam pressure which builds up in the bottom chamber and forces the water through the ground coffee in the filter basket and up into top chamber.  The valve in the bottom chamber allows extra steam pressure to escape.

Step 1: Fill water up to the valve, NEVER covering it!

Step 2: Loosely fill the basket with finely ground coffee. If buying pre-ground coffee, look for ones that are specifically marked for espresso.

Step 3: Screw on the top part and put on a burner over medium to high heat. In 4-5 minutes or so, the top chamber will be filled with your lovely espresso (you can lift the lid to peek). Grab a pot holder (that handle gets hot!!) and either consume solo or share. I like mine with hot frothed almond milk. Enjoy!

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