Blogging 101: The Top Secrets of Successful Bloggers

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One of the best ways to learn about blogging is to learn from people who are already doing it! We interviewed some of our favorite bloggers and asked them to share the secrets of their success.

Here are there expert tips!

#1: Write a killer about me section/page.

“I love reading other people’s ‘about me’ sections. Truth be told, it’s the first page I go to on someone’s blog. People love to hear about the things you like, don’t like, the things you like to do, if you’re married, have kids, etc.—basically what makes you YOU!”

- Margaret Barley is a lifestyle blogger at Floral and Frayed

#2: Consistency is key.

“Know what your overall branding is going to be—and stick to it! Remember, even if it’s a personal blog, you’re still portraying an image—so find one that is totally you! Be consistent in your posting and networking with other bloggers; this is what will grow your reader base and views like crazy.”

- Candice Henry is a lifestyle blogger at Teatime Thoughts

#3: Keep it fun.

“Always look at blogging as a creative outlet and a fulfilling hobby. When you start to think of it as work or an obligation, it loses its fun, and you may quickly lose your passion for it.”

- Charity Hestead blogs on fashion and more at c’est la belle vie

#4: Keep a blogging notebook!

“In mine, I have my schedule for the month and my ideas for each post. It keeps me on task and focused!”

- Stacia Momany blogs on fashion and more at Free to Be Stacia Lee

Free to Be Stacia Lee

#5: Write concisely, but still set yourself apart from everyone else.

“Blogging seems a powerful forum for sharing lessons learned through personal experiences, mistakes, and hopefully, growth. Since there are hundreds of blogs for people to sift through, the challenge for me is to express myself in fewer words without sacrificing content.”

- Debi White provides daily inspiration at Feed Your Strength

#6: Write about the topic you are passionate about.

“Blogging, as in all writing, is much easier to write and more fun to read when you write about something you are passionate about. Be you, be excited, and others will follow your progress!”

- Leigh Eddy Nelson shares her life experiences in her column, From Marriage to Motherhood


#7: Be yourself.

“Don’t try to write about what you think people want to hear. Write about what matters to you and the people that want to hear that will find you.”

- Donya Dunlap is a published author and blogs at

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